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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND A » AKIRA TAKASAKI /Heavy Metal/Shred (Japan/~Discography)
AKIRA TAKASAKI /Heavy Metal/Shred
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Akira Takasaki (高崎 晃? Takasaki Akira, born February 22, 1961, in Osaka, Japan) is the lead guitarist and founding member of the Japanese heavy metal band Loudness.more

Акира Такасаки (яп. 高崎 晃), (англ. Akira Takasaki), 22 февраля 1961, Осака, Япония) — японский рок-гитарист, композитор и один из основателей хэви-метал группы Loudness. Являясь единственным бессменным участником и основным композитором группы, Акира записал с Loudness 26 студийных альбомов, наряду с тем, начав сольную карьеру, издав 11 студийных работ, что делает его одним из самых плодовитых японских рок-музыкантов. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki....0%D0%B0

LOUDNESS /Heavy Metal


Год :1982 (Reissued-1993)
Страна : Japan
Стиль :Heavy Metal /Shred

Tracklist ^
01 Tusk Of Jaguar
02 Steal Away
03 Macula (Far From Mother Land)
04 Ebony Eyes
05 Wild Boogie Run
06 Gunshots
07 Mid-day Hunter
08 Show Me Something Good
09 Say What?

Band ^
Akira Takasaki - guitars, vocals
Masanori Sasaji - keyboards
Munetaka Higuchi - drums
Reuben Tsujino - drums
Kazuhisa Takahashi - drums
Masayoshi Yamashita - bass, chorus
Takayuka Hijikata - bass
Minoru Niihara - vocal, chorus
Milky Way - chorus
Poker Face - string quartette
Toshihiro Nakanashi - electric violin

This was Loudness guitar whiz kid Akira Takasaki's first solo album waaay back in the day, and I remember hearing tracks from this years ago on my college radio heavy metal show du jour; the DJ was capitalizing on Loudness' American debut ("Thunder in the East") and it was actually pretty neat to hear. This record doesn't really hold up too well with its dated production, which is a bit muffled on the drum and bass front, but Akira's signature clear guitar sound rings out well enough and there are some nice songs on display here.

Musically, it's a mixed bag, surprisingly enough. There is the usual hard rock/heavy metal material ("Say What?", "Wild Boogie Run"), leavened with some R&B-sounding material ("Steal Away"), and even a very sweet and melodic Queen-influenced tune, "Macula (far away from Mother land)" that is my favorite song on the album. About half the album is vocal tunes as well, as opposed to the usual all-instrumental guitar hero format, and both Akira and Loudness' vocalist, Minoru Niihara, contribute in that realm, with mixed results. Niihara-san is his usual self, over the top but with lots of character, while Akira doesn't fare quite so well--it's hard to tell if he's singing in Japanese or English, but he's not as good a singer as he is a guitarist. There is of course lots of shredding, and he steps out in fine enough fashion to make up for his vocal shortcomings. As mentioned, "Macula..." is a lovely, relaxed little song featuring ornate guitar harmonies with a tone very reminiscent of the great Brian May, and it really stands out as a master work.

While this is not essential, it's certainly worth a listen or three. Akira is not a typical guitar hero type and you have to give him credit for trying something different instead of just writing a bunch of shred fests. I'm not familiar with his more recent solo material, but it wouldn't surprise me if it continued in the same quirky yet distinct vein. Respect is due this guy.

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Akira Takasaki - Made In Hawaii

Year: 2002

Akira Takasaki - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums

1. Rising Sun 2002 05:05
2. Onmyo Tenchi 04:40
3. Asian Locomotion 03:56
4. Soul Surfer 03:36
5. Kamehameha 04:14
6. Rock the Strange 04:17
7. Doors 01:37
8. Pink Damp Ground 05:39
9. Kailua Beach 05:04
10. It's a Beatiful Day 01:52
11. Marimani 03:55
12. Pineapple Burger 01:27
13. Wild Fire 05:09
14. Endless De Ja Vu 04:19
15. Bubble Gum 01:38
16. Deep Downing Mind 04:50
17. Hana 01:51

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Akira Takasaki - 輪 (Wa)

Год :1996

Tracklist :
1. Respirator 03:17
2. Grope in the Dark 05:13
3. Alien Summit (with Paul Gilbert) 06:06
4. Urban Nights 05:32
5. Strange Head 05:35
6. The Green Song 06:13
7. Space Communication 02:27
8. A Chance Ocurence 03:51
9. Ninja Draft 05:35
Playing Time :43:55

Прикрепления: 0880699.jpg(39.0 Kb)

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Akira Takasaki - Ki (1994)

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Akira Takasaki - Maca

Год: 2005

01. Taiyonokei
02. Shinin'On
03. Maca
04. Hey! Shoot
05. Pow
06. Sea! Our the Ocean
07. Looping
08. Tequila
09. Living on My Soul
10. Ping Pong
11. Space Dancer

Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND A » AKIRA TAKASAKI /Heavy Metal/Shred (Japan/~Discography)
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