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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND A » ABSTRACT /Progressive Metal/Athmospheric/Instrumental Rock (Slovakia/2005,2014)
ABSTRACT /Progressive Metal/Athmospheric/Instrumental Rock
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History started to be written since 1995, while it rose the idea by Peter L. and Palo G. to establish an instrumental band. In underground it was something new and unknown that time. In the year 1996 the band recorded its first demo named „Instrumental Emotions“, which was one of the first instrumental records in Slovak underground at all. The demo was recorded by three original members: Peter L., Palo G, Ludo B. In the year 1998 the band came to studio again to record its second pure instrumental demo „Aestuum II. MCMXCVIII“. By its 5 members: Peter (guitar), Palo (solo guitar), Julo (bass guitar), Milos (keyboard), Ludo (drums). This demo records have met positive valuations from reviewers and also from fans and Abstract has started to built stabile place at metal scene in Slovakia, Czech republic, and gradually abroad too. At the end of the year 1998 they changed drummer. Ludo left the band and Peter Gablik replaced him. The group has presented its new material in media at most in the region of middle and west Europe, made concerts- in the year 1998 Abstract had its first tour in Slovakia and Czech Republic altogether with famous Czech Locomotive and great polish hard core Sweet Noise. Later in the years 1999-2000 it was also summer fests for instance Gemer Rock Fest, the band played right before bands like the pioneers of gothic-doom metal Amorphis(Fin) or death-doom Darkside(Austria). In the year 2000 the group in definitive structure came to studio Exponent again to record its first album named „Fragmenthea“. But the situation didn..t go well and in spite of contracts the CD has been edited just in a small number of copies in limited edition like a promo for media and a rarity for fans. In spite of this fail the voices in metal public have been positive and Abstract has strenghten its position of instrumental underground in Slovak and Czech underground and also in whole Eastern Europe. By this time came other concerts, Abstract this time played the most important concert of its career – they played altogether with Hungarian progressive alternative instrumental band MASFEL, before the Finnish APOCALYPTICA. In the next period Abstract devoted to promotion, was playing concerts – for example with black- metal AGATHODAIMON (Ger) or progressive death black NEGLECTED FIELDS (Lat) and preparing e new material named Symmetry. The band took place at festival Jim Beam Rock fest. In the year 2002 after instigation of Feedback promotion, the band came to studio Exponent again to record the new material which has the company Feedback edited as a MCD and promo CD. MCD was edited in that year – in December 2002. Right after the recording there came the 1st European tour, which has been canceled close to its beginning thanks to unreliability of partner. The year 2003 is on the trend of concerts again and promotion of EP “Symmetry”, there came Polish mini tour as a headline band, another concerts in Czech Rep. and Slovakia, summer fests and slowly preparing a new CD. The band for a 1st time appeared at a great “Brutal Assault” fest in Czech Rep. together with bands: Kataklysm, Malevolent Creation, Novembre, Hollenthon… The year 2004 was very important for abstract for two reasons- in autumn they were signing a contract with editor Dawnart Records to edit album “Fragmenthea”, which was edited a year after that, but before that the band took place in Dawn of Spring Tour I. altogether with bands Adultery and Return to Innocence. This tour included 12 concerts in CZE, SVK and POL.


Abstract - Fragmenthea

Страна: Словакия
Стиль:Progressive Metal/Athmospheric Dark /Instrumental Rock

1. Of These Centuries 06:41
2. When Men Cry 06:48
3. A Fragment of Night Sorrow 06:17
4. Last of Melancholy 04:15
5. Men of Knowledge 06:34
6. Shades of the Mountains 07:01
7. Assorted Feelings 03:36
8. Dark Spectral Light 04:49
9. ...Aj Sochy Budu Plakat' 04:06
10. There is the Only One Way 02:37
11. Sorseria (bonus track) 06:16

Peter Lengsfeld - Guitar
Palo Gablik - Lead Guitar
Julo - Bass
Milosh Fabry - Keyboards
Peter Gablik - Drums

DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 08.04.2018, 08:13 | Сообщение # 2
Живу я тут
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Abstract - Lightheory

Стиль:Instrumental Progressive Metal

1. Fluorescent Tube III 5'43
2. Isonn 4'05
3. Solar Pulse 2'49
4. The Stone 5'28
5. Dialogue 3'45
6. Soleusis 5'01
7. Fluorescent Tube I 4'25
8. Silhouettes 5'31
9. Fluorescent Tube II 4'50
10. Monologue 2'21

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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND A » ABSTRACT /Progressive Metal/Athmospheric/Instrumental Rock (Slovakia/2005,2014)
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