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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND C » CORPSING /Death Metal (United Kingdom/2007,2020)
CORPSING /Death Metal
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Corpsing - The Stench Of Humanity

Год : 2007
Страна :UK
Стиль : Death Metal

Tracklist :
1. Intro - Honour 03:44
2. Infection of Unknown Origin 03:49
3. Flatliner 05:34
4. The Furnace 05:15
5. Complex Machine 05:25
6. Twisted World 05:34
7. Stench of Humanity 05:52
8. The Forgotten Deluge 03:56
9. Outro - Tears From Below 06:17

Playing Time :45:50

* Giuseppe Cutispoto - Guitar
* Mick Cutispoto - Guitar
* Wizzard Baboon - Vocals & Bass Guitar
* Baron - Drums
* David Adambery - Sound synthesis & Soundscapes

Экстрим группа из Англии.

Following his departure from his previous band Infestation in the year 2000, guitarist Giuseppe Cutispoto decided to form another metal band. He soon hooked up with his brother Mick (Lead Guitar) and started writing some material. Their initial intentions were to mix together various metal elements such as Death, Black, Thrash and Doom with other, non metal influences. Whilst writing the material they started looking for other band members to complete the line up, and in 2002 Corpsing had a line-up and started rehearsing the material. After many months of rehearsals Corpsing were ready to record their debut album Watching the Thinker and in 2003 they signed to Goat of Mendes Records with whom later that year they would record their album. Watching the Thinker was subsequently released in October 2005.

Since the release of their debut album the line up changed, Giuseppe and Mick were joined by The Wizard (Vocals/Bass) and Nick “The Baron” Plews (drums). In 2006 Corpsing started rehearsing and gigging with the new line up and in June started recording their second album with producer Andy Davies. During this time Corpsing were joined by David Adambery (Synth Lord/soundscapes) which added another previously unheard dimension to the sound.

Corpsing's latest album The Stench of Humanity is due to be released around February 2007 through Grindethic Records.

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Corpsing - Civilization Under Nefarious Tyrants

Год: 2020
Стиль: Death Metal
Страна:United Kingdom


1. Void (Intro)
2. Heart of Darkness
3. House of the Common Enemy
4. Brexshit
5. Transcendence (Interlude)
6. Black Ocean
7. Across the Sea of Time
8. To Thine Own Self
9. Space (Outro)
time: 34:57

Mick Cutispoto Guitars (lead)
Giuseppe Cutispoto Guitars (rhythm)
Baron Drums
Stevie Dewar Bass
Kyle Austin Vocals

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND C » CORPSING /Death Metal (United Kingdom/2007,2020)
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