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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND C » CHILDREN OF MAANI /Black Metal (France/1998)
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Discography Children of Mäani

One man concept of Vindsval,the same one who is also aprt of Blut Aus nord & The eye, Children of Maani has came to birth in 1996. The veil of Osiris has to be classified into experimetnal Black metal. At first, i have to notice that some guitars parts are really well worked. It really sounds more technical that the main black metal bands. May be Vindsval is able in this project to express all influences he have. That’s certainly why, there’s tracks like "in the middle of the macrocosme". Some guitar parts sounds inspired by oriental music. It’s certainly due to some of the effects used on guitars & by the fact that Vindsval playz 2 times some parts of guitars but in different tones. In comparison with what other black metal bands proposes, it’s sure that Children of Maani is really more inspired & sounds more technical. It’s more melodic too & some solis are really impressive. There’s not so many black metal bands including guitar solis, but when these ones are excellent, it really enriches a lot the music. Among the black metal vocals, there’s someitmes a growling voices that appears. This ones sounds really strange ! This mCd contains 4 tracks for 22 mintutes of original black metal. & if you want to discover a new & promising black metal band, Children of Maani is without doubt what you need. To date, it’s the best black metal oriented piece ever released in France.

Children Of Maani - The Veil Of Osiris

(ex-Blut Aus Nord, ex-The Eye, ex-Karras, ex-Vlad)

Год:1998 [EP]
Стиль:Black Metal

1. Tradition - The Birth 04:28
2. In The Middle Of The Macrocosme - Those Who Are Called Vao 06:07
3. Tiphareth... And Beams Of Malchuth - After The Five Ones 04:59
4. Tradition - My Birth - Where Is The Sky Of The First 06:44

Vindsval - все инструменты, вокал
Musics and lyrics by Vindsval, Produced by Vindsval in 1995, Logo by Salomon NICE, Artwork by RDR. 1000 Copies.

Одно из лучших творений в жанре Black Metal.
Тематика лирики: оккультизм, астрология, мифология.

Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND C » CHILDREN OF MAANI /Black Metal (France/1998)
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