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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND C » CIRCLE OF ILLUSION /Symphonic/Progressive/Rock Opera/Metal (Austria/2013)
CIRCLE OF ILLUSION /Symphonic/Progressive/Rock Opera/Metal
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Circle Of Illusion - Jeremias

Год:2013 (GENPRCD005)
Стиль:Symphonic progressive rock

01. Overture (3:55)
02. The Beginning (7:05)
03. The Run (9:46)
04. The Memory Returns (6:05)
05. The Party (2:16)
06. Closing Doors (6:06)
07. New Age (8:08)
08. Continuum (9:51)
09. Sarah's Dream (3:58)
10. 13th floor (3:58)
11. Nightmare (16:18)

Gerald Peter (Keyboards, Orchestrations)
Rupert Träxler (Lead and Rhythm Guitars)
Aaron Thier (Drums)
Stephan Först (Bass)
Taris Brown (Vocals)
Cara Cole (Vocals)
Elga Shafran (Vocals)
Ulrike Müllner (Violine)

In 2006 the keyboarder, arranger and composer Gerald Peter produced the demo record „Closing Doors“ with which his vision of a progressive rock-concept album and musical was born. With „Closing Doors“ as his point of departure he has been working on the concept-album “Jeremias - Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms“ since 2008. In 2010 he met the singer and writer Taris Brown with whom he worked on a solid story. A year later, in 2011, he founded the band “Circle of Illusion” with top musicians in order to perform his opus live and to finish the recordings of the album. The high energetic, epic, 80-minute-full-length concept album will be released and presented in autumn 2013.

Jeremias is an epic concept album four years in the making. The band really filled the
CD to the brim (80 minutes!) and added an elaborate 36-page booklet on top of that.
The music is best described as symphonic progressive rock with some heavier parts
here and there - I always tend to say it sounds a bit like Neal Morse's more symphonic
compositions with a bit of a DT edge (some parts also remind me of Haken). I don't
like hyperbole, but I think quite a few people will be positively shocked by the quality.

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Сильно, мощно..короче- опера!

Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND C » CIRCLE OF ILLUSION /Symphonic/Progressive/Rock Opera/Metal (Austria/2013)
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