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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND C » CORVUS /Alternative/Progressive Metal (United States/2010,2011)
CORVUS /Alternative/Progressive Metal
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Corvus is one of Arizona's finest. They're not like most bands who write one song and then make all the rest sound like a watered down version of that "hit." They take you on a wide range of music, but it all sounds "like Corvus." Their style is unique, inventive and all their own. They are one of the best live acts around, from the sheer energy brought by the entire band to the witty, sarcastic, out spoken ways of their front man. They truly love their fans and spend time with them all after every show. One of the few new bands that "live" their music like it used to be. You need to see this band live!!
"Corvus, the combination of hard work ethic, and great guitar harmonies helps them stand out in a metal genre full of sound a likes. I love the concept record format too. Look for more great things to come from these guys!" - Producer Larry Elyea
Corvus was formed by singer/songwriter Brock Brown in 2006. After numerous auditions, Brock joined forces with guitarist Adam Klooster, Drummer Andre Buck and Bassist Loren Moody. The band recorded it's first record We All Fall. It was self recorded and produced. The record did quite well, and was beloved by fans, but the band felt like it needed more guidance in the studio. They parted ways with Loren Moody and added Joshua Brown to fill the bass role, and also added Matt Fournier to relieve Brock of rhythm guitar duties. With a solid line-up intact, the band sought out the best producer in Arizona. They found Larry Elyea.

The band made an amazing follow up to We All Fall Down with their second effort titled, An Affair With Tragedy. The band and Larry worked so well together and the album turned out so well, the band and Larry decided to go back and re-record We All Fall Down. The fans loved the new record and were pleased to have the first record re-done with Larry's touch added. Everyone raves over the production and songwriting on these records. They are two in what will be a four part concept piece. After the success of the first two records, Andre Buck had to leave the band for personal reasons. The band recruited the very gifted Alan Bowers to take the drum throne. After securing Alan, the band hit the studio to record their third album, Fragile Moments. Their sound is unique, with no one to compare them to. They look forward to touring and showing the world what they are capable of accomplishing.


Corvus - Fragile Moments

Год: 2010
Стиль: Alternative/ Progressive Metal
Страна: US

01. Long Goodbyes
02. Asphyxiation
03. Only A Lie
04. Further From Yesterday
05. Skin
06. The Best Thing (That Never Happened)
07. Whisper
08. Tears Beside Me
09. Illusion Divides
10. Fragile Moments
11. Jealousy
12. In Completely

Brock Brown - Vocals
Adam Klooster - Guitar
Alan Bowers - Drums
Joshua Brown - Bass
Matt Fournier - Guitar

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Corvus - The Comfort Of Home


01. Winter Ashes
02. Valor And Vengeance
03. Prince Charming
04. Forever Sleep
05. Divine By Design
06. Revelation
07. Positive Minus
08. Dystopia
09. Letters Left To Burn
10. Siren Song
11. Instigator
12. The Comfort Of Home
13. Funeral For The Fallen

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND C » CORVUS /Alternative/Progressive Metal (United States/2010,2011)
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