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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND D » DISBELIEF /Death Metal/Sludge (Germany/~Discography)
DISBELIEF /Death Metal/Sludge
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Disbelief 05' - 66 Sick

Год : 2005 (Limited Edition)

Tracklist :
1. 66
2. Sick
3. Floating On High
4. For God?
5. Continue (From This Point)
6. Crawl
7. Rewind It All (Death Or Glory)
8. Lost In Time
9. Try
10. Edges
11. Mental Signpost
12. To Atone For All

14. Dogs On Leads (Bonus Track)
15. Spill The Blood (Bonus Track)
16. Stranger In A Strange Land (Bonus Track)

Playing Time :70:15

* Karsten "Jagger" Jäger – вокал
* Jochen "Joe" Trunk – бас
* Jan-Dirk Löffler – гитара
* Olly Lenz – гитара
* Kai Bergerin – ударные

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Disbelief - Navigator

Год : 2007

Tracklist :
1. Navigator
2. When Silence Is Broken
3. The One
4. The Thought Product
5. Between Red Lines
6. It Is Simply There
7. Falling Down
8. Passenger
9. Selected
10. Sacrifice
Playing Time :46:26

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* Oliver Lenz – гитара
* Karsten Jäger – вокал
* Tommy Fritsch – бас, гитара
* Kai Bergerin – ударные

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Disbelief - "Disbelief (1997) & Infected (1998)"

CD 1 - Disbelief (1997):
01. Follow 05:03
02. Away 03:45
03. My Life 03:38
04. Scattered Product 05:26
05. God? Master! 03:48
06. In a Cage 04:45
07. Soul Massacre 03:59
08. Why Emotional? 05:52
09. Against the Shadow 05:13
10. The Harmony Within 03:55
11. Behind Those Eyes 06:15
Total playing time: 51:39

CD 2 - Infected (1998)
01. Infected 05:45
02. Mindstrip 05:04
03. First 04:48
04. Fetish '97 03:41
05. Again 04:08
06. Down 04:54
07. Pounding 03:48
08. Without a Kiss 05:14
09. Now 07:27
Total playing time: 44:49

Whenever DISBELIEF are about to attack with a new release it always guarantees a major impact: a brutal, elemental force consisting of fierce riffing, growls and neck-snapping grooves. The intensity and emotion DISBELIEF wrap their songs in are second to none – and this trademark was firmly established right from the very start. Backed up with a massive production by none other than Andy Classen, DISBELIEF`S self-titled debut album took the world of all things sick and heavy by storm – former underground heroes Jagger and Co. were easily proclaimed hottest german newcomer band when it comes to extreme metal. And DISBELIEF did more than just live up to the great expectations: the combination of various metal styles, hymns of dark despair, unsettling melodies battling with grinding guitar riffs, and Jagger`s sick and twisted vocals on top of it all turned “Disbelief” into one of the most unique and memorable albums of 1997. Raving reviews from Europe`s major metal magazines like ROCK HARD followed, and to this very day crushing songs like “God? Master!” haven`t lost an ounce of their power, brutality and intensity. 1998`s follow-up “Infected” took the over-the-top-insanity and aggression of DISBELIEF`S work one step further. Combining Death / Thrash Metal with Hardcore, Grindcore and even some psychedelic elements, “Infected” was built to grab some throat! Jagger`s screeching, sinister vocals battling with the pounding drums and the downtuned guitar work of Olly Lenz and Tommy Fritsch truly stand for one hellish force. There seemingly was no way to escape DISBELIEF`S habit to stir up a well-arranged, vicious cocktail swaying between fragile, melodic breaks and nauseating heaviness. Again it was Andy Classen who perfectly set all the mania in scene and their combined efforts ensured a true hammerblow masterpiece. And again the metal press was enthusiastic, and “Infected” got top-notch reviews and high rankings in ROCK HARD and HEAVY ODER WAS? amongst others.Now these two highly sought-after masterpieces have been re-mastered by studio-wiz Tue Madsen (of THE HAUNTED and MNEMIC fame) and will be re-released with all original songs, brandnew cover artwork and layout. The double CD will be sold for the price of one CD, so this re-release is a must for everybody who missed out the first time – there is no excuse this time! “Disbelief + Infected” is the perfect chance to complete the collection for everybody who got to know DISBELIEF through later albums like “Spreading the rage” or their newest masterpiece, “66sick”: crushing classic tracks like “God? Master!” or “Infected” are still part of DISBELIEF`S live shows and a must-have for DISBELIEF fans old and new alike.DISBELIEF was founded in 1990 by Karsten "Jagger" Jäger and Olly Lenz. Many line up changes occurred and after several demos, the band recorded its first two albums "Disbelief" and "Infected" and released both through Grind Syndicate Media. The band first toured with SIX FEET UNDER and BOLT THROWER and also played the famous Nuclear Blast festivals as well as the Dynamo and Wacken Open Air. In early 2000 guitar player Tommy Fritsch left the band and was replaced by Jan-Dirk Löffler. With this new line up, the band recorded "Worst Enemy" in 2000 which got released through Massacre Records in 2001. Shows at the No Mercy festivals followed and the band shared the stage with OVERKILL, VOIVOD, DIMMU BORGIR or STUCK MOJO, just to name a few.The fourth album "Shine" remained in the ROCK HARD reader's charts for more than six months and was cemented by some legendary gigs at the Party.San Open Air in Bad Berka and the Summer Breeze Festival. A great number of headliner shows made DISBELIEF's reputation as an unique live band spread among the metal fans. Soon they also had the honour to go on tour with legendary DEATH ANGEL and PRO-PAIN.

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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND D » DISBELIEF /Death Metal/Sludge (Germany/~Discography)
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