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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND D » DOMINICI /Acoustic/Progressive Metal (United States/2005,2007,2008)
DOMINICI /Acoustic/Progressive Metal
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O3 A Trilogy is a studio album series by Dominici, released between 2005 and 2008. It is a concept album trilogy about a terrorist sleeper cell coming to the United States and falling in love with the country. The individual's assignment is not discussed in any depth. It can be assumed that he is to destroy the First World (possibly the entire world) as evidenced by various lines throughout multiple songs, but he starts to have second thoughts, and is swayed to the other side by none other than the police officer who catches him. O3 A Trilogy constitutes the only albums currently produced by Dominici. Lead vocalist Charlie Dominici has stated that while the band will continue to record, he shows no interest in making more concept albums.

The first album in the trilogy is essentially a solo album as Charlie Dominici is the only performer, playing the acoustic guitar, harmonica, and singing. Therefore, most people would not consider this a progressive metal recording, as the second album would display. Charlie Dominici's only contribution to the performance of the second and third albums, besides writing the songs and story, was on vocals. For the rest of the trilogy, Brian Maillard plays guitar, Yan Maillard plays drums, Riccardo Atzeni plays bass guitar, and Americo Rigoldi plays keyboard. more

Исчезновение озонового слоя, войны, террор и грядущий апокалипсис - темы концептуальной трилогии "О3" авторства Чарли Доминичи, экс-вокалиста Dream Theater. Возвращение певца не разочарует фэнов прогметала: Чарли не стал "клонировать" свою прошлую группу, а выдал диск в традициях основателей жанра - Fates Warning и Queensryche.

В завершение своей "озоновой трилогии" Чарли Доминичи радует фэнов возвращением к прежнему высокому вокалу, а группа успешно воскрешает времена юности прогметала. По-хорошему старомодная и безупречно качественная работа, которая порадует как фэнов раннего Dream Theater, так и поклонников мелодичного прогметала в целом. "Зовите её Кодом Доминичи", - советует певец.

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Dominici - O3 A Trilogy Part2

Style:Acoustic Rock Progressive Metal

1.The Monster
2.Nowhere to Hide
4.Greed, the Evil Seed
5.School of Pain
6.The Calling
7.The Real Life
8.The Cop
9.A New Hope
10.School of Pain (Demo) *
11.The Calling (Demo) *
* - Bonus Track for Japan

Total Playing Time 68:03

Charlie Dominici - Vocals
Riccardo "Erik" Atzeni - Bass
Yan Maillard - Drums
Brian Maillard - Guitars
Americo Rigoldi - Keyboards

When hearing the name "Dominici," most metalheads or progressive rock fans will think of "that guy who got replaced by James LaBrie in Dream Theater." It's a sad truth to accept, seeing as Charlie Dominici's solo work has been quite solid, including his epic O3 Trilogy. As the name suggests, these are indeed concept albums, deftly combining pounding aggression (at least Parts 2 and 3) and narrative into a very complete package. Part 2 of this trilogy just happens to be a very underrated gem that fans of Dream Theater or Queensryche should seriously own.

Opening with a daunting 8.5 minutes of instrumental work to kick things off, it's clear that these guys are setting the bar high from the start. What's refreshing is the lack of wankery and useless mechanical shredding that's become so common in progressive records these days. As soon as the song wraps up, a narrative section segues into the next track, "Nowhere to Hide." These segments are what move the plot forward as the album goes, and this seems to be the story in a nutshell: A sleeper cell preaches against societal evils while in America and gets wrongly convicted by the law. Dominici does a commendable job keeping the character convincing throughout the album with the conviction in his vocal performance.

One thing that's extremely pleasing about all this is how tight the band sounds; nothing ever sounds out of place, and the songs rarely sound aimless. For instance, look at highlight "Greed, the Evil Seed"; the initial riff sounds a tad generic, but the way the synthesizers layer over the heavy guitar work and the drum work stays varied throughout makes it so the listener doesn't get bored until Dominici's vocals spice things up.

If there was an album peak or centerpiece, it'd have to be "School of Pain." I could go on for HOURS about how good this song is... between the way the guitar sends the listener into an Agalloch-style pit of depression, how immensely effective Dominici's vocals are in sounding like he was really thrown into the hell his character was sent into, and how smoothly the transitions in dynamics are in the song. Everything feels like it was put here for a reason, and the atmosphere is exceptionally powerful.

If there was any flaw, I'd say it's the fact that occasionally the band fall into that Dream Theater-style trap of repeating riffs or motifs; this doesn't happen often, but sometimes over the course of the album you'll find two songs sounding really similar when put side to side. It's a minor gripe, though, a small blemish on an otherwise excellent record.

Many bands and artists try the whole concept-album route these days, but Dominici and co. are able to pull it off WELL, and have damn good progressive metal to boot. Highly recommended.

Review written by Brendan Morgendorffer for www.sputnikmusic.com

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Dominici - O3 A Trilogy-Part III


01. King Of Terror
02. March Into Hell
03. So Help Me God
04. Liquid Lightning
05. Enemies Of God
06. Revelation
07. Hell On Earth
08. Genesis

Riccardo "Erik" Atzeni - Bass
Yan Maillard - Drums
Brian Maillard - Guitars
Americo Rigoldi - Keyboards
Charlie Dominici - Vocals

Если собственного Ленина у вас нет, то его можно сотворить буквально из ничего. Из воспоминаний. И тогда получится, может быть, не Фидель Кастро, но уж по крайней мере Уго Чавес. Прог-лейблу номер один в мире для пущей убедительности не хватало аутентичного Dream Theater, который отлично чувствует себя под тёплым крылышком мажорной рекорд-компании. Всякие клоны вроде Vanden Plas, видимо, не в счёт. Продюсеры грамотно взяли в оборот Чарли Доминичи, певшего в составе классиков прог-метала на дебютной пластинке ещё в 80-х. Теперь уже во второй раз подряд (первая часть трилогии была совершенно из другой оперы), американец итальянского происхождения заполняет нишу в отнюдь не куцем калейдоскопе подопечных InsideOut Music.

И наперехват заокеанским знаменитостям Чарли отправляет третий состав, в котором разместились восемь прогрессив-металлических вещей, объединённых концепцией. Выбор темы – война на Ближнем Востоке – вполне в духе американских социально ориентированных завываний. В этом аспекте ассоциации с хрестоматийной подачей Queensryche очевидны. Клонирование театралов Доминичи ничуточки не скрывает. Как и год назад, за основу взята классика "Images And Words" (1994). К ней добавлены мощные риффы а-ля Symphony X, перекрёстная с Vanden Plas атмосфера и мелодии, скроенные равно вокруг Dream Theater и Fates Warning. В качестве подарка всем любителям штатовского прог-метала раннего периода – специфический звук, заботливо созданный знатоками своего дела (или как вариант не финальный микс, нарезанный на промку). Сама идея паразитировать на наследии своих бывших коллег вызывала вначале противоречивые ощущения, но, надо отдать должное Чарли, он своё дело знает. Хотя и просидел столько лет сложа руки. Технически пластинка очень хороша – пусть сбивки и вызывают навязчивое дежа вю, хороших мелодий немало, да и голос Доминичи свеж и экспрессивен. И, что самое важное, последняя часть трилогии создает цельное впечатление.
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Charlie Dominici - O3 A Trillogy - Part One

Год: 2005


01. Introduction (2:59)
02. Unwilling Volunteer (3:04)
03. My New Land (2:35)
04. I Found My Love (2:58)
05. The Dream (6:56)
06. A Day Of Conflict (4:37)
07. The Order Comes (4:02)
08. The Plan (4:37)
09. I Will Return (4:53)
10. The Hand Of God (4:40)

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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND D » DOMINICI /Acoustic/Progressive Metal (United States/2005,2007,2008)
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