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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND E » EVOL /Atmospheric/Medieval/Folk/Black Metal (Italy/~Discography)
EVOL /Atmospheric/Medieval/Folk/Black Metal
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Evol - The Saga of the Horned King

Style:Atmospheric Medieval Folk Black Metal

01. The Present Age
02. The Chant Of The Witch
03. From The Unknown Domain... (The King Awakes)
04. Through Foggy Plains and Mystic Woods He Rides...
05. Prologue (Waiting For His Comming)
06. The Eve
07. The Return Of The Horned King
08. The Feast
09. Sorrow Of The Witch (Path To A Greater Knowledge)
10. The Saga Of The Horned King

Lord of Sorrow - Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Bass, Cymbal, Tambourine (on tracks 6 and 8), Drums (on "The Present Age")
Princess of Disease - Vocals (female)
Prince of Agony - Keyboards, Vocals

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Evol - Dreamquest


01. Dreamquest (Il Monito Di Nasht E Kaman-Thah)
02. Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul (Chutulusumgal's Presence)
03. Sona-Nyl (Il Regno Della Fantasia)
04. Flying With The Night-Gaunts
05. Celephaпs (Barocco Veneziano)
06. The Ancient King Of Ice (Mighty Yugsuduk)
07. Sarkomand (La Leggendaria)
08. Darkmere (The Heart Of Darkness)
09. Ulthar (La Cittа Dei Gatti)
10. Dark Stairs Of R'Lyeh (The Grey Temple Of Leng)
11. Cathuria (Oltre Le Colonne Di Basalto)
12. The Black Crystal Of Astar
13. ...Verso La Cittа Del Tramonto (L'inganno Di Nyarlathotep)

Giordano Bruno (Prince of Agony) - Vocals, keyboards (Black Philosopher, Master of the Silver Key)
Suspiria (The Princess of Disease) - Female vocals (Keeper of the Unholy Feelings, Succubus of the Sensual Realms)
Samael von Martin (Lord of Sorrow) - Electric and acoustic guitars, flute (Baron von Martin, Incubus of the Rotten Lands)
Marco Vettore - Session bass
Tomas Contarato - Session drums
Roberto Scarpa Meylougan - Additional organ and tenor vocals

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Evol - Portraits


01. Ouverture (instrumental)
02. Portraits
03. Ancient Abbey
04. Inquisition Begins (instrumental)
05. Once Upon A Time...
06. Il Principle Di Anghisha
07. March For Evol (instrumental)
08. Il Castello Evitato
09. Il Chierico Grigio
10. Grigia Signora
11. Tower Of The Necromancer
12. Epilogue (Fading Back) (instrumental)

T-Rex (Marquis of Rex Tenebrae) - Bass
Demian de Saba (Count of Insanity) - Drums
Samael Von Martin (Lord of Sorrow) - Guitars
Giordano Bruno (Prince of Agony) - Keyboards, Vocals
Suspiria (Princess of Disease) - Vocals

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Evol - Ancient Abbey

Год:(EP, 1998)

1.The Tale of the Witchlord
2.Ancient Abbey (Thunder Remix)
3.Das Gemiedene Schloß
5.Prologue (Waiting for His Coming) - original demo version

Состав группы:
The Prince of Agony – клавишные, вокал
The Princess of Disease – вокал
The Lord of Sorrow – гитара
The Count of Insanity – ударные
The Marquis of Rex Tenebres – бас

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Evol - Dies Irae

Год:(Compilation, 2001)

1.The Chant of the Witch
2.Prologue (Waiting for His Coming)
3.The Return of the Horned King
4.Sorrow of the Witch
5.The Dark Dreamquest (intro)
6.Sad Doom of a Dark Soul (Chutulusumgal's presence)
7.The Ancient King of Ice (Mighty Yugsuduk)
8.The Awakening (outro)
9.Witchlord (bonus track)
10.Sorrow of the Witch (Live Suicide Pub Venezia 2/11/95)
11.Saga of the Horned King (Live Suicide Pub Venezia 2/11/95)

Треки 1-4 взяты с "The Tale of the Horned King" Demo I, 1993
Треки 5-8 взяты с "The Dark Dreamquest, Part I" Demo II, 1994
Треки 9-11 бонусные

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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND E » EVOL /Atmospheric/Medieval/Folk/Black Metal (Italy/~Discography)
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