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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND E » EYEFEAR /Progressive Power Metal (Australia/Collection)
EYEFEAR /Progressive Power Metal
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DISCOGRAPHY Eyefear (a.k.a. Eye Fear)


Eyefear - Edge Of Existence

Год: 1996
Страна: Australia
Стиль: Progressive Power Metal

01. Of Blind Faith [0:05:52.09]
02. The Necromancer [0:04:14.48]
03. The Running Man [0:04:52.17]
04. Reflection Faded [0:07:23.29]
05. Spellbound [0:05:06.54]
06. Edge Of Existence [0:04:30.29]
07. Naked Spirit [0:04:05.54]
08. Dreamreaper [0:05:46.17]
09. Reflection Faded (radio edit) [0:05:38.42]

This album, by Aussie band Eyefear, was actually recorded between November '95 and March '96. After recording "Edge Of Existence", the vocalist and rhythm guitarist decided to leave, just when things were looking bright for the band, but that's another story.

I was very surprised by the quality of this release, especially knowing the recordings were four-to-five years old already. Still, this sounds fresh and more or less up to date. Eyefear play power/prog with focus on melody and powerful dual guitars. The mid-ranged vocals are very good and the melodic vocal-lines is absolutely haunting and very accessible. The dueling guitar-lines is well though through and the sparkling drums deliver the goods. I guess fans of early Fates Warning, Maiden, Queensryche and melodic US power metal will really appreciate this release.

The production is very good for an independent release, so that should not be an excuse for not buying this. The songs are well composed and all tracks are of highest quality. Fans of abovementioned styles/bands should not let this CD pass you by as it's another perfect example that quality doesn't necessarily get you signed.

If there was any justice in this world, this band would have been signed immediately, judging by the quality of this release.
Progressive World

Jason Smart - lead and backing vocals
Con Papazoglou - lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars
Ken Taylor - lead and rhythm guitars
Rob Gorham - bass
Zain Kimmie - drums and black bone sticks
James Roche - arp odessey solo on 4

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Eyefear - The Inception Of Darkness

Стиль:Progressive Power Metal

01. Redemption
02. Shadowdance
03. Eyes Of Madness
04. The Inception Of Darkness Pt 1 — Transcending
05. The Inception Of Darkness Pt 2 — Reborn
06. Immortals
07. Perfect Images
08. Legions
09. Eyes Of Madness (Orchestral Bonus Track)
10. Reborn (Orchestral Bonus Track)
11. Immortals (Orchestral Bonus Track)
Time: 59:07

Danny Cecati — vocals
Kosta Papazoglou — guitars
Seb Schneider — keyboards & piano
Evan Harris — bass
Zain Kimmie — drums

Слушайте The Inception of DarknessEyefear на Яндекс.Музыке

Прикрепления: 7719920.jpg(230.2 Kb)

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Eyefear - Dawn... A New Beginning

Year:1999 (ep)

01. Dawn
02. Illumination fades
03. Evermore

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Eyefear - A World Full of Grey

Год: 2007

1. Searching For Forgiveness
2. A World Full Of Grey
3. Changes
4. Lost Within
5. Moments
6. The Eyes Tell No Lies
7. Whispers Of The Soul
8. Haunted Memories
9. Breathe Again
10. Searching For Forgiveness [Radio Edit]

Danny Cecati — Vocals (2000-) (Pegazus, Anarion)
Sammy Giaccotto — Keyboards
Con Papazoglou — Guitars
Zain Kimmie — Drums
Rob Gorham — Bass

Прикрепления: 0962647.jpg(31.4 Kb)

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Eyefear - The Unseen

Год: 2008

1.Hypnosis (intro)
3.Bridge To The Past
4.The Unseen
5.Always Reasons
6.Wasting Away (Alone)
7.From Darkness Till Dawn
9.A Clouded Mind

Danny Cecati - Vocals
Con Papazoglou - Guitars
Zain Kimmie - Drums
Sammy Giaccotto - Keyboards
Rob Gorham - Bass

Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND E » EYEFEAR /Progressive Power Metal (Australia/Collection)
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