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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND F » FLAMING ROW /Progressive Metal (Germany/2011,2014)
FLAMING ROW /Progressive Metal
DarksageДата: Понедельник, 08.05.2017, 16:38 | Сообщение # 1
Живу я тут
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Flaming Row - Elinoire

Style:Progressive Metal

01. Elinoire's Theme
02. Initiation Fugato
03. Overture
04. First Day
05. Nightingales Chirp
06. Do You Like Country Grandpa?
07. Lea's Delivery
08. Elinoire
09. Rage Of Despair
10. Adam's Theme
11. Neglected Garden
12. Time Mirror
13. Watershed
14. Review
15. Unearth The Truth
16. Father's Theme
17. Farewell
18. A Place To Review Your Soul

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DarksageДата: Понедельник, 08.05.2017, 16:41 | Сообщение # 2
Живу я тут
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Flaming Row - Mirage - A Portrayal of Figures

Год: 2014

1. Mirage - A Portrayal Of Figures (Pt.1)
2. Aim L45
3. Burning Sky
4. Journey To The Afterlife
5. Alcatraz
6. Memento Mori
7. Pictures
8. In Appearance - A Portrayal Of Figures (Pt.2)

Слушайте Mirage - A Portrayal of FiguresFlaming Row на Яндекс.Музыке

Второй Альбом группы, а так же первый из трилогии.
The world is under siege by an alien force –The Minders. They have declared war on the earth because they know that the humans will soon destroy the “mighty equation” in space. Humanity has become intelligent and technologically advanced but lacks the imagination and wisdom to see the devastation they wreak. The Magistrate has decided to annihilate the entire human race before its greed and pursuit of power can reach beyond its own planet. They send devastating solar storms to snuff out all life on Earth. The last surviving human “elite” fight to liberate their world and vow to “turn over a new leaf.” But a brave soldier named John believes that they have a very different plan…

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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND F » FLAMING ROW /Progressive Metal (Germany/2011,2014)
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