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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND K » KILLING JOKE /Post-Punk Rock/Industrial/Quasi-Metal (United Kingdom/~Discography)
KILLING JOKE /Post-Punk Rock/Industrial/Quasi-Metal
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1980 - Killing Joke [2005 Expanded Remaster]
1981 - what's THIS for...! [2005 Expanded Remaster]
1982 - Revelations (Remaster 2005)
1983 - Fire Dances [2007 Expanded Remaster]
1983 - ''Ha'' (Live) (Remaster 2005)
1985 - Night Time [2007 Expanded Remaster]
1986 - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
1988 - Outside The Gate [2007 Expanded Remaster]
1990 - Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions [2007 + Bonus Disc]
1992 - Change (The Youth Mixes)
1994 - Millennium (CDS)
1994 - Pandemonium
[Single]1994 - Pandemonium
1995 - Wilful Days (Compilation)
1996 - Democracy (single)
1996 - Democracy EP2
1996 - Democracy
1998 - Wardance - The Remixes (Compilation)
2003 - Killing Joke
2003 - Loose Cannon
[Single]2006 - Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell
2008 - The Peel Sessions 1979 - 1981 (Compilation)
2008 - RMXD (Compilation)
2009 - The Gathering 2008 - 4 x CD Limited Edition Box Set
2010 - Absolute Dissent (ltd 2-disc edition)
2012 - MMXII
2015 - Pylon

В многочисленной армии первооткрывателей есть имена всемирно известные, а есть и совсем скромные. Так сказать, пионер пионеру рознь. О том, что открыли британцы Killing Joke, сегодня мало кто помнит. Главная заслуга этой команды - легитимация индастриал-рока. Им удалось провести бескровную музыкальную реформу, наводя мосты между панком и диско, между жесткими квазиметаллическими риффами и танцевальным стилем.//

Killing Joke - Killing Joke

[2005 Expanded Remaster]
Стиль:Post-Punk / Industrial Rock / Quasi-Metal

01. "Requiem" 3:44
02. "Wardance" 3:49
03. "Tomorrow's World" 5:30
04. "Bloodsport" 4:46
05. "The Wait" 3:45
06. "Complications" 3:08
07. "S.O.36" 6:52
08. "Primitive" 3:35
09. "Change"* 4:01
10. "Requiem" (Single Version)* 3:47
11. "Change" (Dub)* 4:00
12. "Primitive" (Rough Mix)* 3:34
13. "Bloodsport" (Rough Mix)* 4:50

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Review by Bradley Torreano

Since 1980, there have been a hundred bands who sound like this; but before Steve Albini and Al Jourgensen made it hip, the cold metallic throb of Killing Joke was exciting and fresh. The harshly sung vocals riding over the pulsating synth lines of the opener "Requiem" have a vigor and passion that few imitators have managed to match. The precise riffs and tight rhythms found in songs like "Wardance" would influence a generation of hardcore musicians; yet "The Wait," with its thrashing guitars and angry vocals, would find itself covered on a Metallica album only six years later. That such a bleak and furious album could have such a widespread influence is a testament to its importance. Certain parts of the album have not dated well; the vocals and drums are mixed in such a way that they lose some of their effectiveness, and the fact that so many other bands have used this same formula does take some of the visceral feeling away. But this is an underground classic and deserves better than its relative unknown status. Fans of most kinds of heavy music will probably find something they like about this band, and this is a good a place as any to start the collection.

DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 20.08.2017, 19:33 | Сообщение # 2
Живу я тут
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Killing Joke - what's THIS for...!

[2005 Expanded Remaster]

1. The Fall Of Because (5:12)
2. Tension (4:34)
3. Unspeakable (5:19)
4. Butcher (6:14)
5. Follow The Leaders (5:38)
6. Madness (7:44)
7. Who Told You How? (3:37)
8. Exit (3:44)
9. Follow The Leaders (Dub) (4:07)
10. Madness (Dub) (7:28)

Слушайте What's This For . . . !Killing Joke на Яндекс.Музыке

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Review by Ne Raggett @AMG:

If not quite as remarkable as the band's gripping self-titled debut, What's THIS For...! showed that Killing Joke could maintain their frenetic, doom-wracked intensity while experimenting with their already strongly established style. Jaz Coleman's vocals go through even more treatments and tweaks than before, chorus shout-alongs swathed in deep echoes, hidden behind Geordie Walker's punishing riffs and the steroid-driven rhythm section. Big Paul Ferguson in particular lays down some absolutely skull-crushing drum slams and Youth is no less intense at most parts, and often they rather than Coleman or Geordie dictate the song, as the lengthy death-groove of "Madness" makes perfectly clear. Elsewhere Geordie shows a calmer (comparatively) side, soloing on songs like "Butcher" making common cause with the guitar work of Bernard Sumner in Joy Division days — indeed, the song as a whole could almost be a tribute to that band, and one of the better ones at that. The playing around with supposed genre boundaries doesn't hurt either — the beatbox/synth loop pulse of "Follow the Leaders," crossed with the more brusque blasts from the core band, suggests its eventual path in later years, while "Tension" lets the slithering funk heart of the band burst forth even more strongly. (The drums and opening riffs themselves almost sound like a parody of the Knack's "My Sharona.") "Unspeakable" is arguably the hidden highlight of the album, Coleman's heavily flanged, distorted singing sliding down a slowly descending chord pattern that suggests an early glam band gone martial and paranoid, Ferguson all over his set like four people at once. The debts of later bands toward Killing Joke are even clearer than ever, whether it's the fact a group named themselves after the opening track, "The Fall of Because," or that late-'80s Ministry so effectively cloned the whole style on songs like "Burning Inside."

DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 20.08.2017, 19:36 | Сообщение # 3
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Killing Joke - Revelations

(Remaster 2005)

01. The Hum
02. Empire Song
03. We Have Joy
04. Chop-Chop
05. The Pandys Are Coming
06. Chapter III
07. Have A Nice Day
08. Land Of Milk And Honey
09. Good Samaritan
10. Dregs
11. We Have Joy [Alternate Mix]
Продолжительность: 00:41:54

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Review by Alex Ogg

Revelations is the epitome of the "difficult third album syndrome." Using an outside producer (Konrad Plank) for the first time seems only to have resulted in headaches and confusion. Recorded in Berlin, the location must have rubbed off on the band -- witness the Teutonic undertones of "We Have Joy." The truth was that the original Killing Joke lineup was dissolving fast, and Revelations manifests itself in the lack of cohesion and direction on the album.

DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 20.08.2017, 19:38 | Сообщение # 4
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Killing Joke - Fire Dances

[2007 Expanded Remaster]

1. "The Gathering" - 3:11
2. "Fun and Games" - 4:05
3. "Rejuvenation" 4:00
4. "Frenzy" - 3:46
5. "Harlequin" - 3:57
6. "Feast of Blaze" - 3:35
7. "Song and Dance" - 5:13
8. "Dominator" - 4:28
9. "Let's All Go" - 3:19
10. "Lust Almighty" - 3:50

2007 CD reissue bonus tracks

11. "Me or You?" 3:11
12. "Wilful Days" 5:01
13. "Dominator" (Alternate Version) 5:33
14. "The Gathering" (Original Version) 3:25
15. "Dominator" (John Peel Session, 12/07/83) 5:40
16. "Frenzy" (John Peel Session, 12/07/83) 3:40
17. "Wilful Days" (John Peel Session, 12/07/83) 6:00
18. "Harlequin" (John Peel Session, 12/07/83) 3:56

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Excerpt from the CD booklet:

"Fire Dances is Killing Joke's fourth studio album released fifteen months after their previous album 'Revelations'. No one was sure there would even be a fourth album as the band had actually split for a short period after 'Revelations'. The downward spiral started rolling after Jaz supposedly 'freaked out' on stage in Brighton and then subsequently went missing. This was in February 1982. Jaz eventually ended up in Iceland. He had apparently gone there to 'survive the apocalypse' (or that's what the press was lead to believe anyway!). So with Jaz missing, the remaining members of the band were forced to take action, and they did by taking out an ad in music paper NME looking for a new lead singer. 'Can you further the Killing Joke? Chortle Chortle." Rumour has it that Iggy Pop even called up for the job!"

DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 20.08.2017, 19:41 | Сообщение # 5
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Killing Joke - Night Time

[2007 Expanded Remaster]

1. "Night Time" 4:58
2. "Darkness Before Dawn" 5:22
3. "Love Like Blood" 6:50
4. "Kings and Queens" 4:41
5. "Tabazan" 4:36
6. "Multitudes" 4:59
7. "Europe" 4:38
8. "Eighties" 3:51

2008 Bonus Tracks:

9. "Eighties (Kid Jensen Session)"* 2:53
10. "New Culture (Kid Jensen Session)"* 3:12
11. "Blue Feather (Kid Jensen Session)"* 4:33
12. "All Play Rebel (Kid Jensen Session)"* 3:23
13. "A New Day (7�)" 4:23
14. "The Madding Crowd" 5:10
15. "Blue Feather (Joke mix)"* 3:59
16. "Love Like Blood (Gestalt mix)" 5:10
17. "Kings and Queens (Geordie™s dub mix)"* 5:00

Tracks marked with asterisk (*) are previously unreleased.

Слушайте Night TimeKilling Joke на Яндекс.Музыке

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Night Time is the fifth studio album by Killing Joke, released in 1985. It was an international hit, featuring some of their best-known tracks like "Night Time", "Eighties", the riff of which is believed to have been lifted for the Nirvana song "Come as You Are" (Dave Grohl paid a sort of restitution by drumming on the 2003 album Killing Joke), "Love Like Blood", and "Kings and Queens".

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND K » KILLING JOKE /Post-Punk Rock/Industrial/Quasi-Metal (United Kingdom/~Discography)
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