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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND K » KILLING JOKE /Post-Punk Rock/Industrial/Quasi-Metal (United Kingdom/~Discography)
KILLING JOKE /Post-Punk Rock/Industrial/Quasi-Metal
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Killing Joke - Killing Joke


01 The Death & Resurrection Show 6:56
02 Total Invasion 5:28
03 Asteroid 3:24
04 Implant 5:18
05 Blood On Your Hands 6:00
06 Loose Cannon 4:12
07 You'll Never Get To Me 6:19
08 Seeing Red 5:27
09 Dark Forces 6:26
10 The House That Pain Built 6:13

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Review by David Jeffries

It's best to takes notes as lead singer Jaz Coleman calmly reads a list of provisions ("Put on your masks/And animal skins") because Killing Joke's second self-titled album is about to take over. Moments after Coleman's stoic opening, Geordie Walker's guitar chugs into action and awakens Killing Joke's most threatening juggernaut of an album in years. Bass players Youth and Paul Raven are both back (although Youth's stint in the group looks to be temporary) and Dave Grohl guests on drums, perhaps paying the Joke back for adapting the killer riff of "Eighties" for Nirvana's "Come as You Are." Grohl's drumming is suitably intense and tribal when need be, while Andy Gill's production miraculously makes sense of the band's thunderous sludge. Still the Coleman/Walker partnership is the star of the show as they play off and push each other like a doom-and-gloom Jagger/Richards. It sounds like Coleman is sitting in the dentist chair with one of those little vacuums sucking out the words on "Total Invasion," while Walker patiently waits his turn to blast out his own brand of stately mayhem. "Asteroid," "Blood on Your Hands," and "Loose Cannon" are all highlights with the band sounding as inspired as when they started, adding the advantage of years of interaction, and "You'll Never Get to Me" presents a brand new shimmering and yearning angle to the group. While Killing Joke's discography has more than its fair share of awkward and overly ambitious albums, they've once again returned to the fury and focus of their classics.

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Killing Joke - Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell


1. "This Tribal Antidote" – 4:15
2. "Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell" – 5:52
3. "Invocation" – 7:54
4. "Implosion" – 6:41
5. "Majestic" – 5:40
6. "Walking With Gods" – 8:36
7. "The Lightbringer" – 9:38
8. "Judas Goat" – 6:21
9. "Gratitude" – 7:04

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* Jaz Coleman - vocals, synthesizer
* Kevin "Geordie" Walker - guitar
* Paul Raven - bass guitar
* Ben Calvert - drums

Recorded Faust Studio, Prague, Czech Republic
Genre Industrial metal
Label Cooking Vinyl
Producer Killing Joke

Hosannas from the Basements of Hell is an album released on 3 April 2006 by Killing Joke on Cooking Vinyl Records. The track Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell was released as a single, and made it to #72 in the UK.

The cover artwork is taken from a painting by Russian artist Victor Safonkin entitled "Inhuman rearing". The artwork featured in the inside booklet is taken from "Society of good inventions and hidden aims", by the same painter.

The album title refers to the location of the album recording. The band recorded the album in a dark basement studio in the Czech Republic. They also used recording equipment from the late 1970s to achieve the dark, brooding atmosphere of the album.

This was Killing Joke's last studio album to feature bassist Paul Raven. He passed away in October of 2007.

All tracks written by Coleman/Walker/Raven

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Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent

(ltd 2-disc edition)
Год: 2010

CD1 - Absolute Dissent
01. Absolute Dissent
02. The Great Cull
03. Fresh Fever From The Skies
04. In Excelsis
05. European Super State
06. This World Hell
07. Endgame
08. The Raven King
09. Honour The Fire
10. Depthcharge
11. Here Comes The Singularity
12. Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove

Bonus Disc - CD2 - Absolute Respect (Killing Joke tribute album)

01. Metallica - The Wait
02. Amen - Europe (BBC Live Version)
03. Helmet - Primitive
04. Econoline Crush - Pssyche
05. Dead By April - Love Like Blood
06. Killing Joke - Democracy (NIN Remix)
07. The Mad Capsule Markets - Wardance
08. Nouvelle Vague - Pssyche
09. Fear Factory - Millennium
10. Foo Fighters - Requiem (BBC Live Version)
11. Kotiteollisuus - Pandemonium

Слушайте Absolute DissentKilling Joke на Яндекс.Музыке

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Killing Joke - MMXII


1. "Pole Shift" - 8:56
2. "Fema Camp" - 5:02
3. "Rapture" - 4:15
4. "Colony Collapse" - 5:04
5. "Corporate Elect" - 3:59
6. "In Cythera" - 4:29
7. "Primobile" - 4:44
8. "Glitch" - 4:48
9. "Trance" - 6:09
10. "On All Hallow's Eve" - 3:21

Слушайте MMXIIKilling Joke на Яндекс.Музыке


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Jaz Coleman - vocals
Kevin "Geordie" Walker - guitar
Martin "Youth" Glover - bass
Paul Ferguson - drums

Killing Joke is one of the most influential outfits in rock, (post) punk and metal today. Jaz Coleman and Co have been a source of influence for luminaries, like Metallica, Prong, Fear Factory, Ministry, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree and Napalm Death. The origins of the band can be traced back to the late seventies. Despite numerous lineup changes Killing Joke is still going strong after all these years.
MMXII is the second album since the reunion from Killing Joke’s original line-up & it pretty much continues where the first (Absolute Dissent, 2010) left off. It offers industrial metal flourishes, but also enough nods to the band’s post punk days back in the early eighties. All these different elements are packaged in surprisingly accessible compositions with very memorable hooks and choruses. This gives “Fema Camp”, “Rapture” and “In Cythera” almost an anthem-like quality.
As with many with the previous Killing Joke albums it takes some time before MMXII really starts to sink in. On the first casual listens there doesn’t seems to be a lot going on tracks like “Pole Shift”, “Corporate Elect”, “Glitch” and “Trance”, but looks can be deceiving. With each successive listen the album gives more of its intricate details and rich textures away. It’s this apparent duality that makes MMXII such an intensely satisfying and captivating listening experience. By the time the mighty roars and wails by Jaz Coleman kick in you instantly know that you’re listening to one of the finest albums of this year.
In short, MMXII by Killing Joke is one mighty fine follow-up record to its illustrious predecessor. This album, with its boundless energy and all its apocalyptic themes, has all the hallmarks of a truly great record.

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND K » KILLING JOKE /Post-Punk Rock/Industrial/Quasi-Metal (United Kingdom/~Discography)
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