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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND L » LORD OF THE LOST /Gothic Rock/Metal (Germany/2014,2015,2016)
LORD OF THE LOST /Gothic Rock/Metal
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Lord Of The Lost - Swan Songs

Стиль:Gothic Rock/Metal

01. Six Feet Underground (Swan Songs Version)
02. Dry The Rain (Swan Songs Version)
03. Beyond Beautiful (Swan Songs Version)
04. See You Soon (Swan Songs Version)
05. Go To Hell (Swan Songs Version)
06. Antagony (Swan Songs Version)
07. Love In A Time Of War (Swan Songs Version)
08. October 29 (Swan Songs Version)
09. Prison (Swan Songs Version)
10. Till Death Us Do Part (Swan Songs Version)
11. Afterlife (Swan Songs Version)
12. Sober (Swan Songs Version)
13. Credo (Swan Songs Version)
14. Porcelain
15. Lost In A Heartbeat
16. Annabel Lee
17. So Good It Hurts
18. This Life Divided
19. The Sands Of Time
20. If Johnny Cash Was Here
21. Somewhere

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Lord Of The Lost - From The Flame Into The Fire

Год:2014 2CD Deluxe Edition



01. Fists Up In The Air
02. Kingdom Come
03. La Bomba
04. Afterlife
05. Kill It With Fire
06. Six Feet Underground
07. Go To Hell
08. Odium
09. My Own Shadow
10. Bitch
11. I'll Sleep When You're Dead - Lord Of The Lost / Blair, Douglas
12. Holy F - Lord Of The Lost / Jiers, Nina
13. In A Perfect World

CD2 (From The Rain Into The Flood):

01. See You Soon (Subway To Sally Remix)
02. Kill It With Fire (But Kill It Good) (Rabia Sorda Version)
03. Eure Siege (Ost+Front Version)
04. Heart For Sale (Darkhaus Remix)
05. Die Tomorrow - The Day After (Remix By Letzte Instanz)
06. Blood For Blood (A Life Divided Club Remix)
07. Sex On Legs (Formalin Club Mix)
08. Prologue (Mental Breakdown Remix)
09. I'll Sleep When You're Dead (Massiv In Mensch Remix)
10. Nothing Words Can Say (Noodlz Remix)
11. My Heart Is Black (The Law Remix)
12. Break Your Heart (Stahlmann Rebuild Mix)
13. Do You Wanna Die Without A Scar (Hell Boulevard Version)
14. My Own Shadow (Latexxx Teens Version)
15. Le Comte Caspar Von Coppelius: Blood For Blood (Ein Walzer Fur Klarinette Und Pianoforte)
16. Die Tomorrow (Swing Tomorrow Version By Rocksin)
17. Sex On Legs (Hotel Lounge Version)

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Lord Of The Lost - Emryrean 2016

01. Miss Machine
02. Drag Me To Hell
03. The Love Of God
04. Raining Stars
05. In Silence
06. Black Oxide (feat. Scarlet Dorn)
07. Interstellar Wars
08. Doomsday Disco
09. Death Penalty
10. No Gods, No War
11. The Interplay Of Life And Death
12. Utopya
13. Where Is All The Love

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"Swan Songs II" - the brand new ensemble album in grand style by LORD OF THE LOST:

A touching creation, heart-warming intoned!

With "Swan Songs II" LORD OF THE LOST show their ability to create fascinatingly heavy classical music. This is the second time they have conjured their music with an ensemble album in grand style. “ Swan Songs II” features the finest Dark Rock-sinfonia coated by dramatic arrangements for a chamber orchestra. This is a true opus featuring ten brand-new songs which were showcase tender strings and charming piano play with a heaviness one has come to expect from the band. Mastermind Chris Harms now has the ability and opportunity to fascinate with his dovelike voice but in contrast to his very sinister lyrics. Once More LORD OF THE LOST manage to deliver their songs with a new beauty and gloss, and prove that they cannot be reduced to their brute site only. "Swan Songs II" is a touching creation with top arrangements!

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LORD OF THE LOST - Till Death Us Do Part (2019) (Official Video)
Directed & Edited by Matteo Fabbiani & Chiara Cerami for VDPictures

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND L » LORD OF THE LOST /Gothic Rock/Metal (Germany/2014,2015,2016)
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