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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND P » PHANTOM'S OPERA /Hard Rock/Progressive (United States/1995,1998,2003)
PHANTOM'S OPERA /Hard Rock/Progressive
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Phantom's Opera - Phantom's Opera

Год: 1995 (1999)
Стиль: Melodic Hard Rock /Progressive
Страна: US

01. Lie Laura
02. Just a Matter of Time
03. It Ain't Love
04. Love's a Painful Game
05. Let the Devil Beware
06. Child Known Love
07. Motorcycle Rock
08. Lovin' You Is a Sin
09. Two Kinds of People
10. Moonlight
11. Rock On
12. Break Away
13. Dorian Grey (The Portrait)
14. A Word from the Master

15. Can't Stop Me Now (Bonus Track)
16. That's Fashion (Bonus Track)
17. Next In Line (Bonus Track)
18. I'm For America (Bonus Track)

- Coleman R. Brice / vocals
- Michael Romeo / guitars
- Eric Walz / bass
- Jack Young / keyboards
- Bob Nelson / drums

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Живу я тут
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Phantom's Opera - Following Dreams

Год: 1998

01. Intro [0:00:35.08]
02. Play My Guitar [0:04:40.35]
03. I'm So Tired [0:04:18.22]
04. Heartache [0:04:25.50]
05. I've Had My Share [0:04:37.73]
06. Life Is So Natural [0:05:47.62]
07. Following Dreams [0:05:19.28]
08. You're In REM Again [0:04:35.70]
09. My Love, Is It You [0:03:56.72]
10. Have You Ever Been Alone [0:04:33.18]
11. In The Middle Of The Night [0:05:35.37]
12. Land Of The Damned [0:11:10.35]
13. Love's Got A Problem With Me [0:05:51.30]

Colie Brice: Lead & Background Vocals, Piano
Bobby Gilmartin: All Guitars, Background Vocals
Bob Nelson: Drums, All kinds of Percusiion, Background Vocals
Eric Walz: Bass
Jack Young: All Keyboards, Lead & Background Vocals

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Живу я тут
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Phantom's Opera - Act IV

Год: 2003

01 - Etched In Stone
02 - By Reason Of Insanity
03 - Shadows On The Wall
04 - Hopeless Love
05 - Lost
06 - In The Morning
07 - Laura II - Revisited
08 - Christine
09 - God Save The King

Terry Brock - vocals
Bob Gilmartin - guitars, vocals
Jack Young - keyboards, vocals
Eric Walz - bass, vocals
Bob Nelson - drums, vocals

Phantom's Opera biography
New Jersey theatrical hard rock band PHANTOM'S OPERA have an exceedingly rich history. Keyboard player Jack Young having first founded the band with Alec John Such (BON JOVI) in 1969 at the age of 13! The original line-up of the band featured Alec John Such on bass and Tico Torres (BON JOVI) on drums. Dean Fasano was a former vocalist with the band before he joined MESSAGE (with Richie Sambora) and PROPHET (later replaced by Russel Arcara (ARCARA).

In 1989, along comes another young rocker from Sayreville named Colie Brice who invites Jack to join GEMINI - Colie's first band that was slugging it out on the NJ metal scene in the late 80's. Along with Brice, former GEMINI guitarist Eric Walz switched to bass, allowing guitar demon Michael Romeo (SYMPHONY X) room to shred, and NJ drum hero Bob Nelson room to pound on the group's debut album that been released in 36 different countries on four different labels to date. After Mike Romeo left to form SYMPHONY X, guitarist Karl Cochran (ACE FREHLEY's band, ARCARA) played on the group's sophomore releases entitle "So Long To Broadway". Then Bobby Gilmartin (MYSTERY BLOOM, NEW MACHINE) joined PHANTOM'S OPERA for the recording of their third album 'Following Dreams' - produced by Steve Evetts & mastered by GRAMMY winnner Joe Palmaccio. In 1998 Colie Brice and Bob Nelson left the group.

During March of 2003, after trying to replace Colie Brice for nearly five years PHANTOM'S OPERA announced their new vocalist as being Terry Brock, a singer of high repute citing credits with KANSAS, MICHAEL BOLTON and STRANGEWAYS. A new studio album, 'Act IV', was released in 2003 through Escape Music. Meantime members Bob Gilmartin and Dave Garcia recorded a debut album NEW MACHINE on a new label founded by Colie Brice called Aeria Records.

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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND P » PHANTOM'S OPERA /Hard Rock/Progressive (United States/1995,1998,2003)
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