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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND P » PAUL BARKER /Industrial/Alternative Metal/Rock (United States/2012)
PAUL BARKER /Industrial/Alternative Metal/Rock
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Paul Gordon Barker (born February 8, 1959), also referred to as Hermes Pan, is the former bass guitarist, producer and engineer of the industrial metal band Ministry from 1986 to 2003. Prior to Ministry, Barker provided bass for the Seattle post-punk ensemble The Blackouts alongside future Ministry drummer Bill Rieflin and his brother, one-time Ministry touring keyboardist/saxophonist Roland Barker, from 1979 until 1985.

MINISTRY /Industrial Metal/Rock

Paul Barker - Fix This!!!

Год: 2012
Стиль: Industrial/Alternative Metal/Rock
Страна: US

1. Paul Barker – Victory (featuring Taylor Momsen) 3:54
2. Paul Barker – reSpite (featuring Nivek Ogre) 4:41
3. Paul Barker – Heronie's Habit 4:07
4. Paul Barker – Evangelical Sound Barrier (featuring Chris Connelly) 4:42
5. Paul Barker – I Stumble Through the Fever Dream (featuring Alexis S.F. Marshall) 3:37
6. Paul Barker – Heavy Water (featuring Chris Connelly) 4:52
7. USSA – Rows Upon Rows 4:50
8. Paul Barker – All the Pretty Swindles (Puscifer Remix) 4:43
9. Paul Barker – Self-Inflected Blight 5:17
10. Deadly Apples – Psampled (Paul Barker Remix) 6:29
11. Jeffrey Kinart – Brudefly 5:14

"Fix: The Ministry Movie" 2-Disc Collectors Edition. Also available as 'Ultimate Bundle' with T-Shirt.
Includes Poster and Paul Barker CD. All CD credits are taken from the website fixtheministrymovie.com, where this release can be ordered

Executive-Producer – Alien Jourgensen, Brian Prokop, Edward Bates, Kevin Kerslake, Laura Anne Edwards,
Michael J. Sikorsky, Paul Barker

Al: "Don’t know… I just pray it’s not this shit-hole again. If you think I’m rude this time around, just wait ‘til I’m sent back here to do it all again… I’ll be the worst, most unredeemable ass-hole on the planet… Compared with that guy, the guy you see before you is angelic".

Al hit, and didn’t have to wait long for the nod. I’m in my bunk with a fair bit of vodka, and very little orange juice. Seems like, though I don’t get drunk, I drink a little all day now. Because I can in this society… And because the “gift” of wakefulness leaves me ungrateful. If there’s a God, I’m once again slapping her in the face daily

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND P » PAUL BARKER /Industrial/Alternative Metal/Rock (United States/2012)
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