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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND P » PRAETORIUS /Heavy Metal (United States/2008)
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Praetorius - Taste Death

Стиль:Heavy Metal

01. Pirates Of The West
02. Taste Death, Live Life
03. March Of Praetorius
04. True Colors
05. Blind At Night
06. Blood Wolf
07. 10 'til 2
08. Sin On Sin
09. Life, Love, Lost
10. The Beast (That Refuses To Die)
11. Shredders On The Roof
12. Tightrope

Elliot Madre - vocals
John Sayres - guitar
Sam Defilipp - guitar
Adam Wamsley - bass
DanNusz - drums

Formed during the summer of 2005, Praetorius realized its roots early, while molding songs in the searing heat of a tiny shed in Raleigh, NC. Led by the heart pounding beats of Dan Nusz and the complex riffing of guitarist John Sayres, Praetorius set out to show the world its view of how metal should be.

Through long nights of writing and searching, Nusz and Sayres met up with Elliot Madre to put together a trio of pure metal power. For a while, the additional six string capablities of Sam DeFilipp and bassist Alex Kiser were implemented to create the initial sound and first album, "Taste Death." Now, with bassist Larson Kilstrom and guitarist Peter Lemieux, Praetorius aims to inject the world with a new generation of untapped music. Soaring guitar solos, vocal swagger, and thunderous drums will lead the way as Praetorius vows to show a new view on a timeless artifact.

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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND P » PRAETORIUS /Heavy Metal (United States/2008)
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