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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND P » PLASMATICS/Wendy O.Williams /Punk Rock/Heavy Metal (United States/1982,1984,1986,1991)
PLASMATICS/Wendy O.Williams /Punk Rock/Heavy Metal
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Butcher Baby / Fast Food Service / Concrete Shoes /EP 1978
Dream Lover / Corruption / Want You Baby /Single 1979
Meet The Plasmatics /EP 1979
New Hope for the Wretched /Full-length 1980
Butcher Baby / Tight Black Pants /Single 1980
Monkey Suit /Single 1980
Butcher Baby /EP 1980
Beyond the Valley of 1984 /Full-length 1981
Metal Priestess /EP 1981
Coup d'État /Full-length 1982
The Damned / Stop /Single 1982
Stand by Your Man /Split 1982
WOW /Full-length 1984
It's My Life /Single 1984
Fuck 'n Roll /EP 1985
Live! Terror Unleashed / Bump 'n Grind /Video 1985
Kommander of Kaos /Full-length 1986
Maggots: The Record /Full-length 1987
Deffest! and Baddest! Full-length 1988
Fuck You!!! And Loving It!!!: A Retrospective /Compilation 1999
Final Days - Anthems for the Apocalypse /Compilation 2000
Put Your Love in Me: Love Songs for the Apocalypse Compilation 2002
Coup de Grace /Compilation 2002
Early Years /Compilation 2004
The DVD (10 Years of Revolutionary Rock 'n' Roll) /Video 2006


Plasmatics - Beyond The Valley Of 1984 /Metal Priestess 1991

Стиль:Punk, Heavy Metal

Beyond The Valley Of 1984:
1. Incantation 2'13
2. Masterplan 3'10
3. Headbanger 3'25
4. Summer Nite 4'46
5. Nothing 3'43
6. Fast Food Service 1'23
7. Hit Man [Live In Milan] 3'47
8. Living Dead 3'47
9. Sex Junkie 3'09
10. Plasma Jam [Live In Milan] 8'10
11. Pig Is A Pig 4'55

Metal Priestess:
12. Lunacy 5'08
13. Doom Song 5'23
14. Sex Junkie 3'06
15. Black Leather Monster 3'41
16. 12 Noon 3'30
17. Masterplan 4'49

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Wendy O.Williams - Wow 1982

I Love Sex (And Rock and Roll)
It's My Life
Thief in the Night
Opus in Cm7
Ready to Rock
Bump 'N' Grind
Legends Never Die
Ain't None of Your Business

Total time — 36:29

W.O.W. is the first solo studio album released by Wendy O. Williams in 1984 after her group, the Plasmatics, "broke-up".

In 1982, Kiss asked for Wendy and the Plasmatics to appear as a Special Guest on their tour. By the end of the tour with Kiss it was clear that, although the formal notice that Capitol Records didn't come for another for six months, the relationship with Capitol was done. Gene Simmons approached Wendy and Rod about producing the next Wendy O. Williams album. So as to avoid any wasted time in legal issues with Capitol Records, it was decided not to use the Plasmatics name on the record at all and was simply called W.O.W., the initials for Wendy O. Williams. Gene Simmons felt it would give him the freedom he wanted to add more new players to the album.

Wes Beech remained to play rhythm and lead and T.C.Tolliver, the drummer on Coup d'Etat, remained to play on the new album. Gene Simmons would play bass under the pseudonym of "Reginald Van Helsing", the only other new player on the album was lead guitarist Michael Ray to solve the technical challenges that had been a problem for several albums and had come to a head with the more complex music of Coup D'Etat. Gene also pulled in the talents of Ace Frehley, who hadn't played with Kiss since leaving the band years before, Paul Stanley, and then-current Kiss drummer Eric Carr did one song as guests. The record was released through Passport/JEM.

Gene Simmons himself co-writes five tracks (which also carry the names of Plasmatics bassist Junior Romanelli and lead guitarist Richie Stotts, who aren't actually on the album).

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Wendy O.Williams - Kommander Of Kaos 1986

01. Hoy Hey (Live To Rock)
02. Pedal To The Metal
03. Goin' Wild
04. Ain't None Of Your Business (Live)
05. Party
06. Jailbait (Motorhead cover)
07. Bad Girl
08. Fight For The Right
09. (Work That Muscle) F**k That Booty

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND P » PLASMATICS/Wendy O.Williams /Punk Rock/Heavy Metal (United States/1982,1984,1986,1991)
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