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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND R » RAINTIME /Power Metal/Melodic Death Metal (Italy/Discography)
RAINTIME /Power Metal/Melodic Death Metal
DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 17.03.2019, 10:02 | Сообщение # 1
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Raintime - Psychromatic

Год :2010
Страна :Italy
Стиль :Меlodic Power Metal/Melodic Death Metal

Tracklist ^
1.Fire Ants
2.Turned Up And Down
3.Never Ending Stairway
4.Nothing But A Mistake
5.I Want To Remember
7.Fake Idols
8.Beaten Roads
9.One Day
10.Buried In You
11.Walk-On Actor

Total playing time 46:29

Claudio Coassin - Vocals
Matteo Di Bon - Rhythm Guitar
Daniele 'Acido' Bressa - Lead Guitar
Michele Colussi - Bass
Andrea Corona - Keyboards
Enrico Fabris - Drums

RAINTIME's sophomore effort was quite the unexpected delight, offering a wide variety of sounds for fans in every relevant niche in Melodic Metal. It should come as no surprise, then, that fans would come to expect the same hard-hitting, inspired and (slightly) overproduced collection this time around. It needs to be said now, however, that as fun as "Psychromatic" can be to listen to, it is quite consistent throughout (some would say stagnant), and sticks to a formula that worked for the more colourful tracks on their sophomore release. It isn't nearly as varied or experimental, and without a doubt there will be fans who are disappointed with it.

If you could sum up the aim of this release in one word, it would be "catchy". The instruments take a sort of backseat to the vocal melodies in most of the tracks. This isn't such a horrible thing, as Claudio Coassin proved to be quite the powerhouse when joining them for their last album, but it could have stood a little less melody accompaniment on the rest of the band's part. The other significant change with the vocal aspect on this album is the absence of harsh vocals that were so prevalent on their previous works. That isn't to say they aren't there, just on occasion. This is bound to disappoint fans of their heavier tracks, as Coassin's screaming was really impressive. It is likely they wanted a more Progressive Rock atmosphere for this particular effort, and it worked well for those who can keep an open mind.

"Shift" represents the band at their softest, and it's a nice change for the album since most of the other songs stick to a familiar formula. "Fire Ants", "Turned Up And Down", and "Nothing But A Mistake" are the highlights of the album, while "Fake Idols" will be more to the tastes of fans of their last album. If you can stand not to compare it to their previous work, it really is a fun and enjoyable listen through and through, and commendable that they tried something new instead of rehashing the same material over again. And it does, after all, get better with each listen. It will be interesting to see where they progress from here.

Review written by Sean Bester - metaleater.com

DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 17.03.2019, 10:07 | Сообщение # 2
Живу я тут
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Raintime - Flies & Lies

Year : 2007

1. Flies & Lies 05:01
2. Rolling Chances 04:38
3. ApeIron 04:21
4. Rainbringer 04:01
5. Finally Me 04:34
6. Tears Of Sorrow 03:55
7. The Black Well 04:43
8. Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover) 03:44
9. Another Transition 04:27
10. Burning Doll 01:11
11. Matrioska 05:47
Total playing time 46:22

Claudio Coassin — Vocals
Matteo Di Bon — Guitar
Luca Michael Martina — Guitar
Michele Colussi — Bass
Enrico Fabris — Drums (Leprechaun (Ita), State O' Mind)
Andrea Corona — Keyboards (Revoltons)

Former/past member(s) :

Matteo Barzan — Drums (Founder)
Francesco Rossi — Guitar
Giovanni Buora — Guitar
Carlo Nadalin — Guitar (State O' Mind)

...Но включаем диск и что же слышим? Одноимённая названию диска "открывашка" вступает симфо-пауэр интро, моментально сменяясь жёсткой и хлёсткой мелодик-дэтовой мощью, где гроул Claudio Coassin в припевах сменяется его чистым вокалом, а мелодик-дэт преобразуется в классический пауэр. Дальше – больше. Итальянцы очень здраво и расчётливо продолжили линию "Tales From Sadness", весьма разумно смешав сразу несколько стилей – ШМДМ-ную "Flies & Lies" я уже упомянул, а ведь есть ещё "Rolling Chances" – опять же мощь и напор мелодик-смерти плюс хард-роковый (!) припев, помноженные на воздушные и атмосферные клавишные. В третьей композиции "Apeiron" нашлось место приглашённому вокалисту Якобу Бредалю из Hatesphere, чей надрывный вокал, если откровенно, не очень вписался в композицию. Второй гостевой вокалист Ларс Ларсен из датской Manticora отметился в хоровых распевках а-ля Blind Guardian на "Another Transition". Нашлось на диске место ещё одному подданому Королевства Датского – Томми Хансен "ответил" за запись, микширование и мастеринг в Jailhouse Studios. В продолжение разговора о разнообразии нельзя не отметить шикарный боевик "Finally Me" – мелодик-хард-роковый трэк, вполне пригодный для распевания на стадионах в восьмидесятых годах. Отдельные "респект и уважуха" за заключительную песню, посвящённую "smallest Russian doll" – "Matrioska" и за кавер-версию на песню Майкла Джексона "Beat It" – экс-участник The Jackson 5, над которым усиленно поработали отбеливателем, нервно курит в дальнем углу. Отличная пластинка, так держать! Forza Italia!

DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 17.03.2019, 10:11 | Сообщение # 3
Живу я тут
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Raintime - Tales From Sadness

Год: 2005

1. Moot-Lie 05:51
2. Faithland 05:08
3. Creation 01:01
4. The Experiment 06:32
5. Denied Recollection 06:22
6. Chains of Sadness 05:15
7. Using the Light Forever 05:31
8. Daily Execution/Paradox Defeat 06:08
Total playing time 41:48

Claudio Coassin Keyboards, Vocals
Enrico Fabris Drums
Michele Colussi Bass
Matteo Di Bon Guitars
Luca Michael Martina Guitars

DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 17.03.2019, 10:17 | Сообщение # 4
Живу я тут
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Сообщений: 23565
Discography MP3 320
Tales From Sadness 2005
Flies & Lies 2007
Psychromatic 2010

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND R » RAINTIME /Power Metal/Melodic Death Metal (Italy/Discography)
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