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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND R » REBAELLIUN /Death Metal (Brazil/1999,2001)
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Живу я тут
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Brazilian death metal band that was founded in 1998. Musically they are similar to their country mates Krisiun. After the release of their promo tape, the band was contracted by the Dutch label Hammerheart Records, who released their debut album Burn the Promised Land in 1999. The release was followed by a European tour. The band recorded an EP for Bringer of War, featuring a Morbid Angel cover. Shortly thereafter a second album was released Annihilation which was followed by a second European tour...

Rebaelliun - Burn The Promised Land

Style:Death Metal

01. At War
02. ...and the Immortals Shall Rise
03. Killing for the Domain
04. Spawning the Rebellion
05. Flagellation of Christ (the Revenge of King Beelzebuth) (instrumental)
06. Hell's Decree
07. The Legacy of Eternal Wrath
08. Burn the Promised Land
09. Triumph of the Unholy Ones
10. At War (Demo Version)
11. Spawning The Rebellion (Demo Version)

Sandro Moreira - Drums
Marcello Marzari - Bass, Vocals
Fabiano Penna Corrêa - Guitars
Ronaldo Lima - Guitars

DarksageДата: Суббота, 03.06.2017, 09:08 | Сообщение # 2
Живу я тут
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Сообщений: 13912

Rebaelliun - Annihilation


01. Annihilation
02. Rebellious Vengeance
03. Steel Siege
04. Red Spikes
05. Unleash the Fire
06. Unborn Consecration
07. God of a Burned Land
08. Bringer of War
09. Defying the Plague

Слушайте AnnihilationRebaelliun на Яндекс.Музыке

Fabiano Penna - Guitars (lead), Lyrics
Ronaldo Lima - Guitars (lead), Lyrics (track 5)
Sandro Moreira - Drums
Lohy Fabiano - Bass, Vocals, Lyrics (track 4)

Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND R » REBAELLIUN /Death Metal (Brazil/1999,2001)
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