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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND S » SPINE BUSTER /Thrash Metal/Crossover (United States/2012)
SPINE BUSTER /Thrash Metal/Crossover
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Spine Buster - Radical Expression Of Violence

Страна:United States (College Park, Maryland)
Стиль:Thrash Metal/Crossover

01. Steve Irwin Style 00:38
02. Radical Expression 02:51
03. Get Off The Sticks 01:44
04. Boneitis 00:06
05. Soap Box Hero 00:38
06. Guido Stompin' Maniacs 02:23
07. Punctured And Gutted 01:36
08. Targets 00:49
09. Doomsday Chamber Of Blood 01:34
10. Swole Patrol 02:13

Jordan Bennett - Vocals
Dan - Guitars
Tommy Schutz - Bass
Owen Wexler - Drums

"Thrash Zone-era D.R.I., slightly modernized, slightly. The vocals nail later Kurt perfectly, and it seems like that is the goal. While the mid tempo mosh parts are flawless, short and sweet. with witty lyrics about killing your boss, popping zits and riding bikes" - MMR magazine.
Spine Buster is a thrash band from the PG County area, we play fast and heavy old school thrash and are heavily influenced by japanese deathmatch wrestling, super nintendo and 90's action movies.
we haven't done enough shit to fill up this box with nonsense yet. so come check us out and bring a metal folding chair to smash someones skull in.

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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND S » SPINE BUSTER /Thrash Metal/Crossover (United States/2012)
Страница 1 из 11


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