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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND S » SURRENDER /AOR (United States/2005)
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New York AOR/melodic rock band Surrender spent a long time perfecting their debut album.
So much so, in fact, that by the time they were ready to shop it around in 1989, their brand of AOR was out of style and
they failed to attract a label. The recordings have been traded and bootlegged over the years, but thanks to the band they
have finally seen a proper release.The official CD release of Surrender's debut is titled, appropriately enough, Better Late than Never.
The 2005 release features the original nine songs (with vocals by Frank Siccoli) that were recorded between 1987-1989 plus three bonus tracks.
The bonus tracks feature Eric Thompson on vocals and were recorded from 1990-1992. All of the songs have been digitally remastered and sound amazingly loud and clear. There are also detailed liner notes by drummer/keyboardist Kenny Hamburg, which provide some much needed background on this forgotten 80's band.
Musically, if you can imagine a melodic rock band that takes the classic Journey AOR style and incorporates 90125-era Yes-style guitars and vocal harmonies, you'll have a good idea of Surrender's sound. I was actually surprised after hearing songs like "Last Time I Say Goodbye" and "Nikki" that I didn't see Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire or Billy Sherwood listed in the credits. It's an interesting mix of styles, and it makes for a memorable melodic rock album.
If you're a fan of the late 80's AOR/melodic rock sound, you're definitely going to want to get your hands on this one.
It's a great example of what made the 80's rock sound so much fun, and the fact that it's finally (officially) available after
nearly 20 years in the vaults makes Better Late than Never that much more appealing.


Surrender - Better Later Than Never

Год: 2005
Стиль: AOR
Страна: US

01. Never 4:15
02. Claire 4:25
03. Sunrise Goodbye 4:22
04. Nikki 4:23
05. Feel the Burn 3:56
06. Last Time I Say Goodbye 4:31
07. One Touch City 4:32
08. Later 4:11
09. Thought You Should Know 3:49
10. Carrie (Bonus Track) 4:51
11. A New Game (Bonus Track) 3:08
12. Little Asia (Bonus Track) 4:25

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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND S » SURRENDER /AOR (United States/2005)
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