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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND T » TESLA /Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock (United States/1994,2011)
TESLA /Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
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Tesla is an American heavy metal band formed in Sacramento, California in late 1981 by bassist Brian Wheat and guitarist Frank Hannon as City Kidd. Lead vocalist Jeff Keith, drummer Troy Luccketta and guitarist Tommy Skeoch joined them by 1984. By 1986, the band had changed from its glam-derived sound to a 'rootsier' direction under a new name: "Tesla". By 1990, the band started showing signs of wear, with the introduction of drummer, Stefano Pasta taking the throne for Luccketta for a brief period until his own departure for personal reasons.[citation needed] In 1996, the band disbanded, with members devoting themselves to solo projects. In 2000, they reformed, but Tommy Skeoch departed the band in 2006 due to substance abuse, and was replaced by Dave Rude. They have sold 14 million albums in the United States.

Tesla — американская хард-рок-группа, созданная в Сакраменто, Калифорния в 1984 году.
Группа образовалась в 1984 в Сакраменто как City Kidd, и была переименована в Tesla в процессе записи своего первого альбома, 1986’s Mechanical Resonance.
Оригинальный состав группы включал: вокалиста Jeff Keith, гитаристов Frank Hannon и Tommy Skeoch, басиста Brian Wheat и барабанщика Troy Luccketta.
Музыка коллектива часто характеризуется как хард-рок. Тексты песен могут отклоняются от популярных тем в хард-роке, особенно в 1980-е годы. В начале своей карьеры Тесла провели тур с Дэвид Ли Рот, Def Leppard и Poison, что неправильно отразилось на названии жанра группы «glam metal». Участникам группы это не нравилось

Tesla - Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions...

Стиль:Hard Rock

01. Into The Now (4:27)
02. Hang Tough (4:43)
03. 2nd Street (4:40)
04. Edison's Medicine (5:50)
05. What You Give (7:28)
06. Better Off Without You (4:25)
07. Shine Away (7:07)
08. I Love You (4:05)
09. Changes (6:05)
10. A Lot To Lose (5:21)
11. Caught In A Dream (4:55)
12. Song And Emotion (6:20)


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Послушать онлайн альбомы группы на яндекс-музыке

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Tesla - Bust A Nut

Год: 1994

1.The Gate - Invited [5:40]
2.Solution [3:57]
3.Shine Away [6:45]
4.Try So Hard [5:45]
5.She Want She Want [5:14]
6.Need Your Lovin' [4:20]
7.Action Talks [3:49]
8.Mama's Fool [6:12]
9.Cry [4:59]
10.Earthmover [4:09]
11.Alot To Lose [5:12]
12.Rubberband [4:37]
13.Wonderful World [3:50]
14.Games People Play [4:56]

Jeff Keith: Lead Vocals
Frank Hannon: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tommy Skeoch: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals
Brian Wheat: Bass, Backing Vocals
Troy Luccketta: Drums, Percussion

Bust a Nut is the fourth studio album by Tesla, released in 1994. It was their final studio album on Geffen Records before the band split. The album was certified gold by RIAA on March 16, 1995.

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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND T » TESLA /Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock (United States/1994,2011)
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