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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND T » TRUTH SQUAD /Hard Rock/Power Trio (United States/2003)
TRUTH SQUAD /Hard Rock/Power Trio
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Truth Squad - Superkiller

Год: 2003
Страна: US
Стиль: Hard Rock, Power Trio

01. More [0:03:35.01]
02. Chunky Voodoo [0:03:29.26]
03. Down [0:04:06.15]
04. Road Raga Pt. 1 [0:03:41.18]
05. Road Raga Pt. 2 [0:03:40.12]
06. Heaven Sent [0:07:44.57]
07. Big Bang Pt. 1 [0:04:47.13]
08. Big Bang Pt. 2 [0:02:51.45]
09. Cassanova [0:04:18.44]
10. Trick Bag [0:03:29.06]
11. Cranberry Golden Green [0:06:50.54]

JIMMY RYAN - guitar & vocals

"Superkiller", the solid debut disc from TRUTH SQUAD (an outstanding power trio riff machine from Illinois), features 11 trax of killer, bad-ass, rippin', retro-70s heavy guitar power trio riffage that kicks ass and packs a powerful punch. Consisting of 4 way-kool vocal trax and 7 awesome diverse instrumental jams, TRUTH SQUAD stays true to their retro-70s roots and genuinely capture & recreate an authentic 70s power trio vibe throughout the aptly titled "Superkiller" disc. A classic hard-rocking power trio riff fest from start to finish.

TRUTH SQUAD consists of three eqully amazing players in the form of JIMMY RYAN on guitar & vocals, BILL KOPECKY on bass and JOHNNY MROZEK on drums. JIMMY RYAN is an incredible obscure riffmaster who knows what time of day it is when it comes down to serious heavy riffage and bad-ass rippin’ leads. JIMMY RYAN hits guitar hero status and shines throughout "Superkiller", definitely his finest hour. BILL KOPECKY and JOHNNY MROZEK, both awesome powerful MONSTER players in their own right, lay down massive thick solid grooves for brother Jimmy to rip his bad-ass heavy guitar riffage upon. All three cats effectively work together as a band to fully achieve their musical goals.

TRUTH SQUAD nail it down and kick serious retro-70s heavy guitar power trio ass all over the place on "Superkiller". This is REAL music played by REAL musicians who are on a mission to deliver the music that they believe in. "Superkiller" is an incredible musical message by a killer band that will bring you back to a time when REAL rock music meant something. TRUTH SQUAD KNOWS HOW TO RIP IT HARD AND KEEP THE ROCK ALIVE. SUPERKILLER ROCKS!!!

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND T » TRUTH SQUAD /Hard Rock/Power Trio (United States/2003)
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