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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND T » THE ALTER BOYS /Experimental/Funk Rock/Avant-Garde Metal (United States/2005)
THE ALTER BOYS /Experimental/Funk Rock/Avant-Garde Metal
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The Alter Boys - The Exotic Souds Of Alter Boys

Стиль:Experimental rock/Funk Rock/Avant-Garde Metal

1. Pigs & Pineapples
2. Can't Cool Down
3. Famine Ghost
4. Little White Lies
5. Where Have You Gone
6. A Little Pain Goes A Long Way
7. Auto-Erotica
8. Boy In A Bubble
9. Docking Bay 94
10. Surrounded By Porcelain Flies
11. I See You Moving
12. Yesterday Is Here

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Jason Popson - vocals
Todd Smith - guitar, vocals
Mike Martini - guitar, accordion, vocals
Matt Rippetoe - keyboards, woodwind
Jeff Siegel - keyboards
Craig Martini - bass, vocals
Eric Matthews - drums

Former Members:
Ryan Dunn - additional vocals

The Alter Boys is an American band from Ohio. The band includes members of the bands Dog Fashion Disco, Polkadot Cadaver, Unified Culture, Mudfoot, Original Pranksta, and Mushroomhead. Also featured in the band was Ryan Dunn of the television series Jackass. They play in various musical styles, and released their first album, The Exotic Sounds of the Alter Boys, in March 2005. They were signed to the Fractured Transmitter record label, however in late February 2009 they were removed from the Fractured Transmitter site. Rotten Records re-released 'The Exotic Sounds of the Alter Boys' in January 2009. Though they never broke up, Smith has recently stated that The Alter Boys are "dead".

Сайд-проект, выпустивший один альбом в 2005 году. С тех пор его деятельность заморожена.

Для полноты следует изучить все проекты: Dog Fashion Disco, The Alter Boys, Polkadot Cadaver, El-Creepo!, Knives Out

Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND T » THE ALTER BOYS /Experimental/Funk Rock/Avant-Garde Metal (United States/2005)
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