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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND T » THE BODY POLITIC /Progressive Metal/Rock (Canada/2011)
THE BODY POLITIC /Progressive Metal/Rock
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The Body Politic is one of the hardest working progressive metal bands in Western Canada. Originating on Vancouver Island, BC, this six-piece powerhouse of poly-metric grooves, aggressive screams, and soaring vocal melodies believes in honing their craft and pushing the boundaries of modern metal music. With the release of their 2011 debut album 'All Too Human', the band has created a significant buzz in the Western Canadian music scene. After embarking on several Canadian tours, fans have come to expect a loyal connection and a wildly energetic performance. Be it bold moves like releasing their full length digital album for free, or personal interactions like Facebook chatting with a fan, The Body Politic is a band that is determined to bring their music to as many people as possible.

"These guys show an uncanny understanding of how to balance disparate elements into a cohesive, pleasing whole. In fact, for an unsigned band, their ability is beyond exceptional and surpasses that of many signed acts. . . This band has a real chance to become a leader in the progressive metal field."
- Mike Korn, ReviewYou

"All Too Human shows off the whole band’s abilities, with futuristic sounds and some obviously talented musicians, they’re already way ahead of some of their contemporaries."
- Emma Newlyn, Indie Music Reviewer

"The Body Politic deliver an incredible live performance; you'll be groovin' and throwing down before you know it. . . With the perfect mix of hard rock and progressive metal, the songs off their latest album, All Too Human are irresistible attention-getters."
- Clayton Rourke, The Minds Eye

"A magnificent beast . . . something much more than your everyday progressive rock band."
- Wonderful, Bravo! Review

"All Too Human is all in all a solid album. A strong debut that showcases TBP's talent and diversity . . . it's a good thing when I hear every sonic element perfectly balanced on a record."
- MusicEmissions.com

"Make no mistake, these are virtuoso musicians, mind boggling performers and very, VERY funny dudes to hang out with at a party. I’m serious. They tell jokes."
- The Soundbox Recording Studio


The Body Politic - All Too Human

Год: 2011
Стиль: Progressive Metal/Rock
Страна: Canada

01. Nocturne (0:48)
02. Split the Ground (3:56)
03. Corinthian (3:55)
04. With Fear Instead (4:30)
05. Act I: The Madman (3:04)
06. Act II: The Prophet (5:22)
07. The Citadel (3:19)
08. Wait For the Sunrise (5:38)
09. The Razor Choir (3:52)
10. An Axe On Our Shoulder (6:10)

- Sam Britton / vocals
- Matt Aasen / guitars
- Dan Montgomery / guitars
- Liam Gibson / keyboards
- Dekar Matheson / bass
- Spencer Bowman / drums

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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND T » THE BODY POLITIC /Progressive Metal/Rock (Canada/2011)
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