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Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND T » TIM DONAHUE /Progressive Metal/Rock (United States/2004)
TIM DONAHUE /Progressive Metal/Rock
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Tim Donahue ft. James LaBrie - Madmen & Sinners

Год: 2004
Стиль: Progressive Metal
Страна: US

01. Million Miles (7:07)
02. Let Go (2:37)
03. My Heart Bleeds (5:59)
04. Feel My Pain (5:30)
05. Morte Et Dado (2:22)
06. Children Of The Flame (5:51)
07. The End (5:10)
08. Widest Dreams (5:55)
09. Masters Of The Mind (7:23)
10. Madmen & Sinners (15:50)

Tim Donahue - Guitars [Fretless Electric Guitar, Fretless Classical Guitar, Midi Guitar], Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
James LaBrie - Vocals (Dream Theater, Mullmuzzler, Frameshift, Winter Rose, Explorers Club, John Macaluso & Union Radio, Roswell Six, Ayreon)
Mike Mangini - Drums (Dream Theater, Annihilator, Steve Vai, Extreme, Mullmuzzler, James LaBrie)

In 2000, Niagara native Tim Donahue made a small international splash with Into The Light, a solo record showcasing his skills as a fretless guitarist featuring current Foreigner vocalist Kelly Hansen. A year later he began working on a significantly heavier batch of songs that were unashamedly metal-influenced and came with a wish list of potential singers. During a meeting in Toronto over burgers and beer, I had the honour of hearing what would eventually become the Madmen & Sinners album. Asked who I felt would be the best voice for the material, I suggested Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie, unaware his name was at the top of Donahue’s list. Contact was made, plans were hatched, and in 2004 the duo released the Madmen & Sinners debut, an album unique to their respective careers. It was new territory for both Donahue and LaBrie, and ground they (sadly) haven’t returned to since.

Hammer World » Rock Music » BAND T » TIM DONAHUE /Progressive Metal/Rock (United States/2004)
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