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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND Z » ZYKLON /Industrial Death/Black Metal (Norway/~Discography /r)
ZYKLON /Industrial Death/Black Metal
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Zyklon was a Norwegian blackened death metal band formed in 1998 by Samoth and Trym of Emperor, along with members of Myrkskog. Their style has been described as modern death metal with black and industrial undertones. After more than a 2-year hiatus, the band officially split up in January 2010.[1]

All the band's lyrics were written by former Emperor drummer Faust, then member of Casey Chaos' side project SCUM and Italian industrial black metal band Aborym.
Despite Samoth having been in a previous Emperor side project called Zyklon-B, the two are not related; Zyklon B is the name of a lethal gas used by the Nazis during the Holocaust; "Zyklon" is, according to Samoth, a play on the word "cyclone", since the word is spelled syklon in Norwegian. more

Zyklon — проект норвежских музыкантов Самота и Трима Торсона известных по работе с Emperor, Thou Shalt Suffer, SCUM, Gorgoroth, Satyricon, Ildjarn, Burzum, Trym, Paganize, Shadow Season, Hagalaz Runedance, Old Man's Child, Ceremony, Enslaved. Стиль исполняемой музыки определяется как Industrial Blackened Death metal. далее

Zyklon - Disintegrate

Год: 2006
Жанр: Industrial Death/Black Metal
Страна: Norway

Track List
01. In Hindsight
02. Disintegrate]
03. Ways of the World
04. Subversive Faith
05. Cold Grave
06. Vile Ritual
07. Underdog
08. Wrenched
09. Vulture
10. Skinned and Endangered

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Год: 2003

01.Psyklon Aeon (3:26)
02.Core Solution (5:12)
03.Subtle Manipulation (3:17)
04.Two Thousand Years (5:50)
05.No Names Above the Names (4:17)
06.The Prophetic Method (3:16)
07.Specimen Eruption (4:38)
08.Electric Current (5:44)
09.An Eclectic Manner (6:16)
Total time 41:56

Sechtdamon (Myrkskog) - vocals/bass
Samoth (Emperor, Gorgoroth, Satyricon) - guitars
Destructhor (Myrkskog) - guitars
Trym (Enslaved, Emperor) - drums

ZYKLON's debut "World Ov Worms" was praised among the fans and media but it didn't really impress me (since I didn't go and buy it). What I heard from it, it sounded pretty good but still not enough to convince me. And now the boys of ZYKLON are back with their second offering "Aeon" and this is a whole different story altogether! What Samoth, Trym, Destructhor and the new addition Secthdamon are offering here is a friggin' hurricane of a CD!
Alright, I may not be the best person to say it for the reasons I already mentioned but still "Aeon" sounds more controlled than their debut. More controlled and a bit slower, which they make up with adding more heaviness. They take a step or two more towards Death but Black Metal isn't thrown overboard just yet. And you know, this is a good call on their part, their sound is that much closer to perfection.

The song material on the whole is top-notch Death Metal with some BM influences and shouldn't disappoint any fan of good Death. Be it the fast and crunchy starter or the slow and heavy "Two Thousand Years" everything is done with utmost skill but then again it's no wonder with these guys. "Aeon" rolls on like a runaway tank and each of the nine tracks contain enough heavy riffs to hack, slash and chop everything in their path. However, it is the last track that really shines out of the crowd. A rather mid-paced Death Metal track but there's just something epic about it that makes it so brilliant. Secthdamon's voice sounds a bit raspy and there's many clean parts too. Add to that the skilled usage of electronic sounds and you've got a very grandiose slab o' Metal here.

Tracks like "Electric Current" (and "An Eclectic Manner" for that part) show that ZYKLON isn't afraid to go out of its way and experiment a bit regardless of how the audience might react. In the end of that track there's a completely electronic part, which at first may make you ask "wtf?" but after a few listens it'll sink in and becomes a welcomed and refreshing addition to the song.

Secthdamon's vokills fit the music of ZYKLON like a glove and range from Death Metal grunts to BM screams to even a few Hardcore type shouts ("The Prophetic Method"). Samoth and Destructhor simply slay but none can match Trym's drumming skills. He really deserves each and every praise he gets. ZYKLON wouldn't be ZYKLON without his perfect battering. He gives blastbeats a whole new meaning!
With "Aeon" the boys of ZYKLON have really outdone themselves and the result is one of the best (Death) Metal albums of the year. Every fan of good Metal should go and buy this if they know what's good for them. All hail ZYKLON!
(Review from The Metal Observer)

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ZYKLON - The Storm Manifesto

Год:2010 3CD

CD 1: 2001 World ov Worms
01. Hammer Revelation
02. Deduced to Overkill
03. Chaos Deathcult
04. Storm Detonation
05. Zycloned
06. Terrordome
07. Worm World
08. Transcendental War: The Battle Between Gods
09. Dominate (Morbid Angel cover)
10. Worm World (Video)
11. Transcendal War: Battle Between Gods (Video)

CD 2: 2003 Aeon
01. Psyklon Aeon
02. Core Solution
03. Subtle Manipulation
04. Two Thousand Years
05. No Name Above the Names
06. The Prophetic Method
07. Specimen Eruption
08. Electric Current
09. An Eclectic Manner
10. Pull the Plug (Death cover)
11. Core Solution (Video)
12. Psyklon Aeon (Video)

CD 3: Disintegrate
01. In Hindsight
02. Disintegrate
03. Ways of the World
04. Subversive Faith
05. A Cold Grave
06. Vile Ritual
07. Underdog
08. Wrenched
09. Vulture
10. Skinned and Endangered
11. Wrenched (Video)
12. Underdog (Video)

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ZYKLON - World Ov Worms

Год: 2001

01.Hammer Revelation (6:23)
02.Deduced To Overkill (3:17)
03.Chaos Deathcult (6:00)
04.Storm Detonation (4:42)
05. Zycloned (5:24)
06. Terrordrome (3:59)
07. Worm World (4:15)
08. Transcendental War - Battle Between Gods (7:19)

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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND Z » ZYKLON /Industrial Death/Black Metal (Norway/~Discography /r)
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