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Hammer World » On-line Music /preview » Rock and Metal Style » STONER/SLUDGE/SOUTHER ROCK/METAL (о стиле/style)
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Gallons Of Mud - God Bless & Fuck You (Full Album) Gallons Of Mud is Sludgy stoner rock with a doomy edge from Germany. Replace talent with devotion and creativity with a passion for Sabbath riffs. God Bless & Fuck You is their latest album, released in December 2018. You like bands like Floor, Sleep or Weedeater? You want to check this out.

1. Bullhead
2. Aims & Arrows
3. 21 Grammes
4. Dirt Priest
5. Wingman
6. Howl
7. No Reason


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Luna Sol - Below the Deep (New Full Album) Colorado heavy rock hypnotists Luna Sol, which features in its ranks guitarist / vocalist Dave Angstrom, formerly of Kyuss vocalist John Garcia’s early aughts band Hermano and Lexington, Kentucky’s Supafuzz, released their new LP, ‘Below the Deep’, on June 21st. Luna Sol (Latin for “moon soil”), plays self-described “high mountain rock”, delivering riff-centric music in the “desert rock” tradition while incorporating more variety. Deceptively tuneful, the band delivers an intoxicating collection of hazy, leaden R’N’R that blends volcanic riffage with an earthquaking crunch while crooning vocals float over the songs like ghostly echoes. Luna Sol’s robotic boogie is catchy in a way that doesn’t so much announce itself as creep up behind you.

‘Below the Deep’ is the follow-up to the group’s 2015 debut, ‘Blood Moon’, an album which featured guest spots from John Garcia, Guns N’ Roses’ Dizzy Reed and Nick Oliveri. “This may be the best record I’ve ever made,” says Angstrom. “Below the Deep is a lyrical confession, served with a fist. It’s a dark cohesive album. Hangings, suffering, pain, recovery, family, life; it all seems to make sense when I’m playing and singing about it. We had a goal to create a straight up, guitar oriented, fist-in-the-air classic rock record. I’m extremely proud of this one.”

Ominous cover art by Amplified Design (Pallbearer, Brant Bjork) lends a foreboding visual air to the record, which Angstrom says was the plan all along. The clearly troubled personal lyrics of the album create a tension that we can all empathetically relate to. “We wanted ‘Below the Deep’ to look and feel like worn out Steven King novel, with artwork that will scare children,” he says. It might. A clothed young woman submerged in a lake at the foothills of the Colorado Mountains is creepy. But Angstrom thrives in the darkness. He was married at the Standley Hotel in Estes Park, the haunted mansion that inspired King’s classic “The Shining.”

Songs like “Black Cloud,” “Below The Deep,” and “Sometimes We Get It Right” are straight up rock classics. “Along The Road” and “Man’s Worth Killin’” provide swagger. “Wait For It” and “Garden of the Gods” bring pain and sadness, while “Mammoth Cave” recalls a history of the Bluegrass state where Angstrom spent his childhood. “The Dying Conglomerate” and “Hallelujah” give us reason to celebrate as misfits take over the world and a precious life is pulled from the waters of despair. With messages of pain, praise, sorrow, death, rejoicing, revolution and honest apologies, 'Below the Deep' takes us on a ride of emotions drenched in the massive, thick riffs, mountain rides and thunderous groove we’ve come to expect from LUNA SOL.

1. Black Cloud
2. Below the Deep
3. Along the Road
4. Man’s Worth Killin’
5. Sometimes We Get It Right
6. The Dying Conglomerate
7. Garden of the Gods
8. Hallelujah
9. Mammoth Cave
10. Wait For It
11. Home


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utlandian (2019)
Slowjoint is an American-inspired sludge metal trio from South Jutland, Denmark. They're all about loud amps, beer, bourbon and not giving a f*ck! Simple blues-driven bongsludge with a sense of humor and a lot of riffs.... and weed!

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Black Tundra - Daylight Dark (New Full Album) Black Tundra is Sludgy dudes from Warsaw, Poland. They were founded in 2016 by ex-Dopelord and Hidden Haze members. They released an excellent self titled debut in 2017. Now two years later, their sophomore album "Daylight Dark" is here. Icy wasteland riffs and marshy grooves. This is the way sludge is meant to be; heavy, melodic and driving, all the while keeping it interesting throughout the entirety of the album. Dark, gloomy yet melodic. It's another example of supreme audio craftsmanship.

1. Red Tide - 0:00
2. Anybody Else - 7:27
3. Eyes Burned - 14:50
4. The Passing - 21:46
5. Made to End - 26:21
6. In My Blood - 32:34

Support Black Tundra by purchasing the album here

Hammer World » On-line Music /preview » Rock and Metal Style » STONER/SLUDGE/SOUTHER ROCK/METAL (о стиле/style)


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