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Hammer World » On-line Music /preview » Rock and Metal Style » STONER/SLUDGE/SOUTHER ROCK/METAL (о стиле/style)
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Khan - Vale (Full Album) Khan meld hazy psychedelia and heavy stoner riffs with progressive rhythms and song structures. The songs are lyrically evocative, exuding a sense of despondency and vocally shift from gentle crooning to impassioned wailing. The prolific trio from Melbourne Australia have already put out their fourth release since their debut in February 2016. Their latest Vale is a full length heavy-psyche quest that navigates elaborately rich bass-lines through plenty of meandering yet complex psychedelic fuzz. The album was released in April, 2018 and the band is gearing up for a new record in 2020.

Vale is an astounding, enveloping, mesmerizing heavy psych journey where vibrant basslines, soaring yet tormented guitar grooves, fervent drumming and magnetic vocals point the way along untrodden paths where darkness and light intertwine, casting electric shadows of gloomy - and at the same time scorching - beauty.

1. The Deluded - 0:00
2. Break Off Your Shells - 8:37
3. Wolves - 12:01
4. Control - 18:58
5. Separation - 28:10
6. Vale - 34:52
7. Slowman - 42:03
8. The Drudge - 50:40


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Xinantecatl (2019)
Toluca, Mexico

released December 25, 2019

Victor - Guitarra y coros
Alex - Guitarra y coros
Jesús - Bajo y coros
David - Batería y voz

Luis Gerardo Piña “Filo” y a toda su familia, Antonio Cruz “Oso” (socios dementes), Doomed and Stoned (Billy Goat), LSDR (TAMAYO BROS), Stoner Heads, Luis “Pollo” (Estudio 1974), Rod (Madre de Dios Estudio), Lxs de Avajo, Marca Negra, Las Drogas del Abuelo, Vinnum Sabbathi, Terror Cósmico, Weedsnake, Fumata, Rivers of Gore, The Wizard, Cardiel, K., Smoke Live Rock, Zut Photography, Crisálida, Anfibio Prods, Kalefh, Rancho Ezeta, Sergio Ehecatl (Killyourself, Árboles Mentirosos), Yema (Armies of Death), JC (Thule), René Hernandez (Remz Art, Tempter), Eve Destruction, Carol Flores, Horacio (Oceanus Rock), Ivan El Patas, Gaba Cabral, Sandy Crocus Vernus, Carlos Millan, Jorge Sánchez, Gil Jefe Cien Pies (El Brujo), Peps (RatBat), Fernando (Día de Muertos), Mario (The Path), Fabian (Phocal, Desollado), Abraham (BongRecords), Pepe Gómez (Liminal Producciones), Foro Cultural 304, Don Porfirio “El Señor de las Bestias”, a la ciudad de Toluca por la inspiración, a nuestras familias, a todo nuestro público... y a Black Sabbath

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King Weed - Savannah (New Full Album) Savannah is the latest offering from France's Instrumental Stoner Rock masters King Weed. Phenomenal grooves from start to finish. These riffs are something else. Heavy and meditative; soaked in twang, smoke, and sweat. These folks have figured out how to make that head nodding drone and bounce that feels like driving an old truck through the desert at sunset.

1. Savannah
2. Soul Hunter
3. Crashing Flood
4. Nightwalk
5. High
6. Valley Of Sorrow
7. Serengeti Sunrise


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Van Cleef Continental - Unda Maris (Full Album) Van Cleef Continental was an Italian desert rock and heavy-stoner band, active from 2007 up to 2015. Unda Maris was supposed to be Van Cleef Continental’s best record, because they had been working hard on this, rehearsing in the filthiest garage in a cold winter. It ended up being the swan song of the band. VCC disbanded shortly after this record was published, due to unbelievable difficulties surrounding their bass player (he shall remain unnamed), who stole all the band’s money to fuel his cocaine addiction. After the other guys discovered the mess and subsequently fired the bassplayer, some money was gathered and the album was released in May 2015.

A brief tour followed, to stick to former commitments with venues and clubs with the help of a friend (Giorgio Finulli) on bass guitar duties. The band held a final show on November 20 2015, in their hometown of Brescia. Unda Maris has never been properly released or promoted. Now it's available to stream on SMOD.

1. Spain
2. Monte Altimssimo
3. White Rhino
4. Drive
5. HEliobatis Radians
6. Muad Dib
7. The Old World

Andrea Van Cleef – vocals, guitars
Simone Helgast – drums
The Liar Thief – bass guitar
Lady Cortéz – synths and keys

Songs written by Andrea Van Cleef, arranged by Van Cleef Continental.

Recorded in a barn on northern Italy mountains during winter 2014/2015 by Ronnie Amighetti – ROAM.

Hammer World » On-line Music /preview » Rock and Metal Style » STONER/SLUDGE/SOUTHER ROCK/METAL (о стиле/style)


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