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Hammer World » RocK Music Present (+MP3) » BAND present » SUPERFECTA /Alternative/Hard Rock/Grunge (United Kingdom/2018)
SUPERFECTA /Alternative/Hard Rock/Grunge
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Superfecta - Disconnect

Год: 2018
Стиль: Alternative/Hard Rock/Grunge
Страна: UK

01 – Leviathan
02 – Mannequin
03 – Insomnia
04 – Nothing Remains
05 – The Abyss
06 – Break the Frame
07 – Blacked Out
08 – A Little Secret
09 – Two Thirds

Superfecta are a Hard Rock act from London that have been around since 2011. I had the pleasure to cover them a few months back, and was impressed by their raw energy . I was humbled to cover this new release for the band when I enquired a few months back about writing a review for them they happily responded and received this opportunity . The overall quality of the band’s music and work ethos creates a combination of stylings like classic rock, hard rock and grunge. The album’s title refers to the disconnect people feel within society and technology , which was recently released . The band are led by Roberto Negrini (Vocals) Danun Todd (Guitar) Carl Highman (bass) and Matt Vella (Drums). The thing that impressed me the most about Superfecta is the chemistry within the music that blends each instrument into a cohesive rendition of fist- pumping and emotive music. The music was made to be edgy, heavy and breath bating with structured melodies and teeth rattling drumming: they are a band worth looking out for.

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Hammer World » RocK Music Present (+MP3) » BAND present » SUPERFECTA /Alternative/Hard Rock/Grunge (United Kingdom/2018)
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