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Hammer World » RocK Music Present (+MP3) » BAND present » WYATT EARP /Hard Rock (Italy/2018mp3 /r)
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Wyatt Earp - Wyatt Earp

Год: 2018
Стиль: Old Hard Rock
Страна: Italy

01. Dead End Road
02. Ashes
03. Live On
04. With Hindsight
05. Back from Afterworld
06. Gran Torino

The story began in October 2013, when guitar player Matteo Finato asked Silvio (Former singer), Flavio “J” Martini (keyboard), Fabio “LeD” Pasquali (bass) and Davide “Cava” Cavalca (drums) to form a band whose sounds recalled the 70’s Hard Rock ones.
Ever since the beginning, the band seemed to have great chemistry, and it was just a matter of time to reach the right sound. In the first five shows Wyatt Earp introduced a real tribute to the band that strongly influenced them, such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Kansas and Grand Funk Railroad; since the first show on stage the band brought forward two unedited songs.
After Cava (the drummer) left the band, Silvio took his place, leaving the place at the microphone vacant.
A long and exhausting search for a lead singer began. In the meantime, the band continued the composition of songs, thanks also to the tight friendship they built up. After more than a year and a half, at the end of 2016 Leonardo Baltieri became the lead singer of Wyatt Earp.
During November 2017 the band started recording the debut album at the Industrial Studio of Marco Ciscato (Methodica’s guitarist). The master was done by Patrick Engel at the Temple of Disharmony in Germany.
“Wyatt Earp” was published the 21st September 2018 by Andromeda Relix, throug GT distribution. It is available on CD and all digital platforms.
During April 2019, for reasons related to the band, Matteo Finato leaves Wyatt Earp, leaving place to Filippo Romeo, guitar player from Voodoo Highway (FE) and Monnalisa (VR).
"Wyatt Earp" is our first self titled album, 70s Hard Rock fans (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Rush, Kansas) will surely find something they'll like here, hopefully! Let us know your opinion, write us on our Facebook Page "Wyatt Earp - Band" and follow us on our social medias (Instagram, Youtube, Spotify ecc.)
released September 21, 2018

Recorded at Industrial Studio, mastered at Temple of Disharmony, graphic by Alessandro Palvarini - AP design, photo by Fabio Pasquali

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Hammer World » RocK Music Present (+MP3) » BAND present » WYATT EARP /Hard Rock (Italy/2018mp3 /r)
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