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Hammer World » RocK Music Present (+MP3) » BAND present » Nordverg /Folk Rock/Metal (Russian Federation)
Nordverg /Folk Rock/Metal
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This is one of those criminally overlooked albums that don't get the spotlight for the amazing music on it. Styles similar to Ensiferum and Slavic folk music and lead guitars that make this a staple album in the folk MDM catalog.

Album: Crimson Dawn (Багровый Рассвет)
By the band: Nordverg, Russia

Their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nordverg/
Unknown MDM on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnknownMDMYT

1. Покидая фьорд / Leaving the Fjord 0:00
2. Багровый рассвет / Crimson Dawn
3. Хмельная / Drinking Song
4. Перед последним боем / Before the Final Battle
5. Берсерк / Berserk
6. Холод цепей / Cold Chains
7. Приглашение в трактир / An Invitation to the Tavern
8. Старый трактир / Old Tavern
9. Волкодав / Wolfhound
10. Кузница богов / Smithy of the Gods
11. Меч судьбы / Sword of Fate

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Thanks for your understanding \m/

Hammer World » RocK Music Present (+MP3) » BAND present » Nordverg /Folk Rock/Metal (Russian Federation)
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