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Hammer World » Джаз, Блюз, Рок » Blues » DAN PATLANSKY /Electric Blues (United States/2009)
DAN PATLANSKY /Electric Blues
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Dan Patlansky - Move My Soul

Style:Modern Electric Blues

01. Jump On
02. Why?
03. Big Things Going Down
04. Insufficient Man
05. Peace Of Eden II
06. Move My Soul
07. You Upset Me
08. Come & Play
09. Luka
10. Lord You Are Beautiful
11. That's Allright Mama
12. Backside Of Paradise
13. Namaste\Love City

What Dan Patlansky can do with a six-string Fender Stratocaster at the age of 26, most critically acclaimed guitarists will never quite achieve in a lifetime.

In only ten years on the music scene, Dan Patlansky is one of the busiest and most respected blues artists to ever come out of South Africa. Constant touring as a teenager, won Dan the hearts of even the most hardened blues critics. In the winter of 2001, “Standing at the Station” was released, being a completely independent album, many were surprised at its amazing success...

After receiving word that “Readers Choice” had voted him “Best Blues Guitarist in Southern Africa”, it was time for a second release. “True Blues” was produced and released by EMI on the famed “Blue Note label” in 2004. Dan is one of the only South Africans to ever achieve “Blue Note” status... more

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Hammer World » Джаз, Блюз, Рок » Blues » DAN PATLANSKY /Electric Blues (United States/2009)
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