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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » GOWAN /Melodic Hard Rock/AOR (Canada/Collection)
GOWAN /Melodic Hard Rock/AOR
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Gowan - Strange Animal

Год: 1985
Стиль: Melodic/Hard Rock/AOR
Страна: Canada

1 - Cosmetics
2 - Desperate
3 - City of the Angels
4 - Walking On Air
5 - Burning Torches of Hope
6 - Keep the Tension On
7 - Guerilla Soldier
8 - (You're A) Strange Animal
9 - Criminal Mind

Larry Gowan : vocals, piano, Fairlight CMI, synths
Chris Jarret : guitar
David Rhodes : guitar
Tony Levin : bass, stick
Jerry Marotta : drums & percussion
David Tickle : production, programming

Lawrence Gowan is a canadian musician, but few people know that he is a Glasgow, Scotland born.
Second album in his discography, "Strange Animal" was a commercial success, spawning the hit singles 'A Criminal Mind', '(You're A) Strange Animal' and 'Cosmetics'.

I won't fool you, this isn't an AOR album, this music is english 80's pop.
But with unusual, intelligent and original twists.
Produced by David Tickle (Prince, Split Enz, Sting, U2), you have a clear idea of sound and style.
Basically a keyboard player, Gowan wrote this stuff on piano, and all tracks are focused to the massive use of synthesizers, electric piano and (then 'the' new toy) fairlight.
Remarkable is the job of Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel) on bass and particularly the 'stick', that strange and rare instrument.

This album is catchy and pretty straightforward in its essence, but has uncommon arrangements and as said, creative twists, different sounding from other keyboard pop music that was being made at the same time in the golden decade.

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Gowan - Great Dirty World

Год: 1987

1 - Moonlight Desires 4:11
2 - Awake The Giant 4:14
3 - Living In The Golden Age 5:39
4 - Dedication 4:49
5 - Human Drama 4:45
6 - Forever One 4:14
7 - One Brief Shining Moment 4:42
8 - 60 Second Nightmare 4:27
9 - Great Dirty World 4:47

Gowan - vocals, piano, keys
Gene Black - guitar
J. Peter Robinson - keyboards, bass synth
Rob Brill - drums, percussion
Tony Levin - bass guitar
Will Lee - bass guitar
Terry Gowan - stick
Nigel Olsson - drums
Brandon Fields - sax
Deborah Silver - backing vocals
Kaz Silver-Lee - backing vocals
The San Fernando Valley Mens Choir and Choral Singers
arranged & conducted by Bob Ezrin

Jon Anderson- special guest vocalist (1)

Produced by David Tickle

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Gowan - Lost Brotherhood

Год: 1990

1 - All The Lovers In The World
2 - Lost Brotherhood
3 - Call It A Mission
4 - The Dragon
5 - Love Makes You Believe
6 - Fire It Up
7 - Out Of A Deeper Hunger
8 - Tender Young Hero
9 - Message From Heaven
10 - Holding This Rage

Larry Gowan : vocals, piano, Fairlight CMI, synths
Alex Lifeson: guitar
Ken Greer: guitar, pedal steel
Tony Levin : bass, stick
Jerry Marotta : drums & percussion
David Tickle : production, programming

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Gowan - But You Can Call Me Larry

Год: 1993

1 - Soul's Road
2 - When There's Time (For Love)
3 - Innocent
4 - Your Stone Walls
5 - Dancing on My Own Ground
6 - Cry on My Shoulder
7 - Moonchild's Psychedelic Holiday
8 - You Never Let Go
9 - (In the) Wild Summer Night
10 - Last Laugh
11 - Little Face

Just as the humbling title suggests, ...But You Can Call Me Larry is Lawrence Gowan's wholehearted attempt at capturing a mature audience through acoustically based ballads and adult contemporary-styled rock songs. Trading in the synthesizer for a piano and culling his songwriting from overambitious to downright honest, this transformation actually presents Larry Gowan with a formidable album, and is a far cry from the pop/rock-marinated Strange Animal from 1985, which launched his career. This time around, Gowan uses plain instrumentation and wholesome lyrics in songs that are basked with a down to earth simplicity. Tracks like "Soul's Road" and "When There's Time for Love" make good use of the acoustic guitar and piano, coming off as fragile love songs without sounding airy, and "Dancing on My Own Ground Again" picks up with a jangly tempo and an uplifting chorus. Although these were the tunes that made it to radio, some of his other efforts are just as worthy. The unfeigned composure of "Innocent" and "You Never Let Go" prove that Gowan has progressed in all fields of musicianship, but especially in his songwriting.

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Gowan - Home Field

Год: 1998

1. Innocent
2. A Criminal Mind (Solo Live)
3. Wild Summer Night
4. Lost Brotherhood (Solo Live)
5. I’ll Be There In A Minute
6. The Good Catches Up
7. Laura (Solo Live)
8. Moonlight Desires (With Jon Anderson)
9. Your Stone Walls
10. Guns And God
11. You’ll Be With Me (Solo Live)
12. Make It Alone (first time on CD)
13. Healing Waters (first time on CD)

Gowan's HOME FIELD contains the songs "Innocent," "Wild Summer Night," and "Your Stone Walls," among others.

For Americans, the first real exposure to Lawrence Gowan came when he first joined the lineup of Styx in 1999, but he had been a superstar in Canadian music since his breakthrough smash album Strange Animal in 1985. Three years before that, in 1982, he released this self-titled debut album ,Gowan, on Columbia Records. Also featuring another Canadian giant, Kim Mitchell, on guitar, the album is a high-energy, straightforward rock & roll album, with more edge than its follow-up. It was a good indicator of things to come for the artist who would go on to release a multitude of gold and platinum records in Canada. A conservatory-trained pianist, Gowan is a gifted singer, songwriter, and keyboardist, and a natural performer with the ability to be a star on both sides of the border. He has a wonderful sense of melody; there are great powerful hooks as well as beautifully elegant ballads here. He also delivers his songs with a deep passion, especially on hard-driving numbers such as "Keep Up the Fight" and "Victory." In terms of production, the album does sound a bit more dated at times than some of its 1982 counterparts, but nowhere near enough to keep one from seeing what a strong record this is. Though the album was not a great commercial success for the then unknown Gowan, every song is a good one and you come away from the experience energized and hungry for more. ~ Alan Ticheler

Prior to his tenure as vocalist with US stadium giants Styx, Lawrence Gowan had an enviable reputation as a solo artist in his adopted homeland of Canada. This release collates some of the finest moments from his eight platinum albums and adds a few extras along the way. Majestic Rock. 2004.

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » GOWAN /Melodic Hard Rock/AOR (Canada/Collection)
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