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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » 3RD MATINEE /Westcoast/AOR (United States/1994)
3RD MATINEE /Westcoast/AOR
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After the short-lived span of the band Toy Matinee, founding members Kevin Gilbert (1966 – 1996) and Patrick Leonard were not contractually defined as owning the name “Toy Matinee”, according to Gilbert. So instead of battling it in court, neither of them used the name any longer. Leonard reformed the concept band under a similar name, Third Matinee, with former members of Toy Matinee Brian MacLeod, Tim Pierce, Guy Pratt and Marc Bonilla who had been a touring member of the group. “Meanwhile”, their only CD was released in 1994. This time singer and muti-instrumentalist Richard Page (formerly of Pages and Mr. Mister) became the successor to Kevin Gilbert from the earlier group. Leonard and Page had co-written songs that included Madonna’s hit "I'll Remember”. This wasn’t just a personnel change, since Gilbert was practically irreplaceable. Instead this was a different band, a different approach and a new musical direction. For fans of Toy Matinee this is a different project, but taken at face value it is an amazing production enriched by Page’s years of experience as probably the top background vocalist in the LA studio music scene, by his excellent writing skills and a voice, smooth as silk, yet fierce and appealing. Leonard production experience with the likes of Roger Waters also enriches the result, which is a top-notch sophisticated kind of rock/pop with great compositions, amazing vocals, incredible musicianship, odd time signatures and a bit of progressive elements. After this album the band disassembled. Leonard returned to producing and Page returned to his studio work and he later released a great solo album. Personnel are: Richard Page on vocals and guitars, Patrick Leonard on keyboards and vocals, Tim Pierce, Marc Bonilla and James Harrah on Guitars, Brian MacLeod and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Luis Conte on percussion, Guy Pratt and Jimmy Johnson on bass, Steve Porcaro (of Toto fame) on synthesizers and Julie Delgado, Dorian Holley, Jerry Jordan, Nick Laird-Clowes and Valerie Pinkston-Mayo on background vocals. The cover and the artwork are the amazing work of Mark Ryden.


3rd Matinee - Meanwhile

Год: 1994
Стиль: Westcoast/AOR
Страна: US

1. I Don't Care 4:30
2. Freedom Road 4:55
3. Holiday For Sweet Louise 4:49
4. She Dreams 6:01
5. Ordinary Day 4:17
6. Family Tree 4:42
7. Echo Hill 4:15
8. All The Way Home 5:10
9. Silver Cage 2:40
10. Trust Somebody 4:36
11. Meanwhile 4:52

Patrick Leonard (Trillion, Toy Matinee, Madonna) - keyboards, background vocals
Richard Page (Mr.Mister, Pages) - lead vocals, background vocals, guitar

Steve Porcaro (Toto) - synthesizer
Marc Bonilla - guitar
James Harrah - guitar
Tim Pierce - guitar
Jimmy Johnson - bass
Guy Pratt - bass
Vinnie Colaiuta - drum loop, drums
Brian Macleod - drums, percussion
Luis Conte - percussion, percussion programming
Julie Delgado - background vocals
Dorian Holley - background vocals
Nick Laird-Clowes - background vocals
Valerie Pinkston-Mayo - background vocals
Jerry Jordan - background vocals, engineer, mixing

After Patrick Leonard broke with Kevin Gilbert, he carried on with the Toy Matinee rhythm section of drummer Brian MacLeod and bassist Guy Pratt and added Mr. Mister vocalist Richard Page for this excellent 1994 release. Youll hear ballads, spirituals and even a little folk alongside Leonards trademark, alternative pop-rock sound.This is a 2008 reissue released on the Noble Rot label.

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » 3RD MATINEE /Westcoast/AOR (United States/1994)
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