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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » ANDWELLA /Progressive Rock (United Kingdom/Collection)
ANDWELLA /Progressive Rock
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Andwella were a Northern Irish psychedelic rock band formed in 1968, originally as The Method and later renamed Andwellas Dream. The trio were fronted by Dave Lewis (Guitar/keyboard/vocals), with Nigel Smith (bass/vocals) and Gordon Barton (drums).

Their first album, as Andwellas Dream, Love and Poetry, was recorded in London in 1968, and featured jazz musician Bob Downes on saxophone and flute, and Wilgar Campbell on drums on the track "Felix".:44 However, the album failed to sell, and Lewis then recorded a solo album, privately pressed, on the Ax label in 1970; which included new versions of some of the Andwella's Dream songs. Then in 1970 David Lewis wrote the music for and produced poet David Baxter's "Goodbye Dave" album, for which he was backed by Andwella.

With the addition of Dave McDougall on guitar and vocals, the band was renamed Andwella. This line-up issued World's End, before Dave Struthers replaced Nigel Smith on bass and Jack McCullock joined as drummer. This lineup recorded the bands' last album, People's People, in 1971, after which the band broke up in 1972.
Lewis later went on to write "Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun", recorded in the 1970s by Demis Roussos. wiki


Andwella - World's End

Стиль:Progressive rock

1. Hold On To Your Mind-03:49
2.Lady Love-04:14
3.Michael Fitzhenry-03:28
4.I'm Just Happy To See You Get Her-02:55
5.Just How Long- 03:16
6.World's End (Part One).-05:17
7.World's End (Part Two)-03:23
8. Back To The Road-02:54
9. I Got A Woman-03:04
10. Reason For Living-03:38
11. Shadow Of The Night-03:15

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Bass, Vocals — Nigel Smith (4)
Drums, Percussion — Gordon Barton
Guitar, Flute, Piano, Lead Vocals — David Lewis (5)
Piano, Organ, Vocals — Dave McDougall (2)

Andwella - People's People


1.She Taught Me To Love- 03:02
2.Saint Bartholomew-03:33
3.The World Of Angelique-03:28
4. Mississippi Water-02:43
5. I've Got My Own-02:33
6.Are You Ready-03:48
7. Four Days In September-01:25
8.Lazy Days-03:20
9.People's People-03:29
10.Behind The Painted Screen-03:33
11.All For You-02:20

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Bass, Vocals — Dave Struthers
Engineer — Robin Cable
Percussion — Jack McCulloch
Piano, Organ — Dave McDougall (2)


Andwella - World's End (1970) + People's People (1971)

Два редких старых альбома на одном редком новом компакте

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Andwella (also known as Andwella's Dream and The Method) were an obscure UK/Irish band in London in 1969. Specialising in progressive rock, they were fronted by Dave Lewis from Northern Ireland, who went on to write Happy To Be An Island In The Sun that was recorded by and became an international hit for Demis Roussos.

They released three LPs: Love & Poetry (Reflection 1969), World's End (CBS 1970) and People's People (CBS 1971). Their track "World's End" was played frequently in the early 70's on the then-underground FM station out of Georgetown, WMAL. The original vinyl LP 'Love & Poetry' has for some time been a valuable collector's item.


Ещё одна тема

David Lewis - Songs Of David Lewis (1970)

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Живу я тут
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Andwella's Dream - Love And Poetry

Год:1969 (2004)

1. The Days Grew Longer For Love
2. Sunday
3. Lost A Number, Found A King
4. Man Without A Name
5. Clockwork Man
6. Cocaine
7. Shades Of Grey
8. High On A Mountain
9. Andwella
10. Midday Sun
11. Take My Road
12. Felix
13. Goodbye

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Andwellas Dream released one album, Love and Poetry, on CBS in the UK in the late 1960s that is highly regarded by some psychedelic collectors. It is an eclectic but unmemorable affair that touches upon a number of approaches--heavy progressive rock-tinged psychedelia with keyboards, fruity pop-psych with strings and fairytale-type lyrics, folk- and blues-informed material bridging psych and prog--common to British rock of the period. The group changed their name to Andwella and subsequently released a couple of albums under that name.

DAVE LEWIS- gtr, piano, organ, vcls ABC

Ирландская группа обосновалась в Лондоне в 1968,
существовала в формате трио и называлась ANDWELLA'S
DREAM. Тогда группа записала один альбом “Love And
Poetry” (CBS), исполненный в психоделических тонах…
Но время диктовало новые музыкальные реалии, группа
увеличилась до квартета и была переименована в
ANDWELLA. Обновленный состав: David Lewis (вокал,
гитара, орган), Dave McDougall (фортепьяно, орган),
Dave Struthers (бас, вокал) и Jack McCulloch
(перкуссия). Движущей силой и бессменным участником
являлся Левис, именно он переориентировал команду
играть набиравший силу и ставший востребованным
прогрессивный рок. На первом альбоме можно выделить
отличный приблюзованный инструментал Michael
Fitzhenry и украшенную оркестровыми аранжировками
монументальное полотно World's End. На втором –
обращает внимание акустическая баллада Saint

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » ANDWELLA /Progressive Rock (United Kingdom/Collection)
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