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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » GRADY /Hard Rock/Stoner/Blues (Canada/2004,2007,2009)
GRADY /Hard Rock/Stoner/Blues
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Grady - Y.U. So Shady

Год: 2004
Стиль: Hard Rock/Stoner/Blues
Страна: Canada

01. Hammer In My Hand (4:30)
02. Woman Got My Devil (3:15)
03. Joe Louis (3:49)
04. Black or White (4:27)
05. Diggin' a Hole (4:05)
06. Tommy Johnson (4:24)
07. Tired All The Time (5:19)
08. Reach Out Yo Hand (2:46)
09. Groundhog Day (4:39)
10. Just About Sunrise (4:01)
11. Kickin' Stones (4:47)
12. Ride Like Hell (4:50)

Gordie "Grady" Johnson - Guitar & Vocals
"Big" Ben Richardson - Bass
Chris "Whipper" Layton - Drums.

This is the Indie version of Grady's first cd.
Only 1000 copies of this were made.
They were later signed to a label & this cd was re-recorded and then released.

Grady originally consisted of Canadian vocalist and guitarist Gordie Johnson (now known as "Grady" Johnson), Canadian bass guitarist "Big" Ben Richardson, and Chris Layton on drums. Prior to Grady, Johnson was the frontman for Big Sugar, Layton was the drummer for Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble rhythm section, and Richardson was with The Phantoms in Toronto.

Grady often plays at The Continental Club in Austin, did an eight stop Canadian tour in March 2005, and appeared at the University of Regina to play a free show in September 2005. This was followed up by a full-length album called Y.U. So Shady?. After the issue of a second album, A Cup of Cold Poison, Grady made two extensive tours in Canada early in 2008.

The band caught the attention of Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys who released Y.U. So Shady? in America. more:

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Grady - A Cup Of Cold Poison

Год: 2007
Стиль: Hard Rock/Southern Rock/Blues-Rock
Страна: US

1. Foreward By Willie Nelson
2. Chili Cold Blood
3. Come And Take Me
4. One Of These Days You're Gonna Lie Down Dead
5. Rolling Thunder
6. A Cup Of Cold Poison
7. Three Legged Race (feat. Alejandro Escovedo)
8. You're What's Happening Baby
9. Spadina (Who Is Loving You Tonight)
10. Bad Days
11. I Know I Can Make It
12. West Coast Hobo In A Boxcar Blues
(Stretched Out And Wild Like The World's Deepest Ocean)
13. On The Wagon (feat. Ron Hynes)


2007 Release of the Second Album from the Austin Based Trio of Billy Maddox, Gordie Johnson and Big Ben Richardson. "a Cup of Cold Poison" was Recorded at Willie Nelson's Perdenales Studio and features Cameo Appearances by Nelson and Former Rank and File Guitarist Alejandro Escovedo! Grady Includes Two Cover Songs on this Album from Two Local Brother Bands: "Chili Cold Blood" by the Austin Band of the Same Name and "You're Whats Happening" from the Barfield Blues Band. Five of the Songs were Co-written with P. Ballantyne.

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Grady - Good As Dead

Год: 2009
Стиль: Hard Rock/Southern Rock/Blues
Страна: Canada

1. Whatchewdid (3:39)
2. Whiskey River (3:11)
3. Truckstop In La Grange (2:43)
4. Alberta Bones (3:37)
5. Annie Lee (3:47)
6. Good As Dead (4:24)
7. Blackass Woman (4:25)
8. If I Was King (5:15)
9. Boots Or Hearts (3:45)
10. When The Boots Come Off (3:59)
11. I'm A Sinner Too (4:31)

Gordie “Grady” Johnson Vocals/Guitar
Big Ben Bass/ Vocals
Nina ”The Queena” Singh Drums/ Vocals

Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » GRADY /Hard Rock/Stoner/Blues (Canada/2004,2007,2009)
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