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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » CLIVE NOLAN /Symphonic Progressive/Dark Rock-Opera (United Kingdom/2013)
CLIVE NOLAN /Symphonic Progressive/Dark Rock-Opera
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Clive Nolan (born 30 June 1961) is a British musician, composer and producer who has played a prominent role in the recent development of progressive rock. He has been the regular keyboard player in Pendragon (1986–present), Shadowland (1992–present), Strangers on a Train (1993–1994) and Arena (1995–present), as well as writing lyrics for Arena and producing or co-producing several other bands' albums.
At the age of sixteen, Nolan became the youngest musician in England (at the time) to gain an 'A. L. C. M' composition diploma from the London College of Music.
In 1982, Clive won the cup and two medals at the composers competition in the Cheltenham Music Festival.

Clive is a music graduate, holding both a B Mus and M Mus. Nolan played violin, cello and viola, although his main study while at university was composition, orchestration, musical arrangement and conducting.
In 2008 Nolan's rock opera She was filmed for DVD in Katowice, Poland. In 2010 the show was again performed in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Since then, Nolan has started the Caamora Theatre Company,

Clive Nolan - Alchemy

Год: 2013
Стиль: Progressive Rock
Страна: UK+


CD 1 – Act I:
01. Prologue
02. Deception
03. One for the Noose
04. The Warning
05. Amelia
06. King Explains
07. Desperate Days
08. Planning a Break In
09. Quaternary Plan
10. The Unwelcome Guest
11. Waiting for News
12. The Girl I Was
13. Highgate

CD 2 – Act II:
01. The Labyrinth
02. Ambush
03. The Tide of Wealth
04. Jagman Arrives
05. The End Justifies the Means
06. Sanctuary
07. Street Fight
08. Amelia Dies
09. Burial at Sea
10. Share this Dream
11. Treachery
12. The Ritual
13. Anzeray Speaks
14. Aftermath
Total playing time: 1:58:37

Metal Mind Productions(Poland) presents:
Alchemy’ is a Victorian adventure set in 1842, with a sense of the dark and mysterious.

Clive Nolan (Shadowland, Arena, Pendragon, Caamora): keyboards, vocals (Professor Samuel King)
Andy Sears (Twelfth Night): vocals (Lord Henry Jagman)
Damian Wilson (Threshold, Landmarq): vocals (Captain Joseph Farrell)
Agnieszka Swita (Caamora): vocals (Amelia Darvas)
Victoria Bolley: vocals (Eva Bonaduce)
Chris Lewis: vocals (Thomas Anzeray)
Noel Calcaterra: vocals (Jessamine)
Paul Manzi (Oliver Wakeman, Arena): vocals (Milosh)
Paul Menel (IQ): vocals (Ben Greaves)
Tracy Hitchings (Landmarq, Strangers On A Train ): vocals (Jane Muncey)
David Clifford (Red Jasper): vocals (William Gardelle)

Mark Westwood (Shadowland, Caamora): guitar
Scott Higham (Pendragon): drums
Claudio Momberg (SETI, Taurus, Subterra, Caamora): keyboards
Kylan Amos: bass

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Hammer World » Rock Music (Lossless) » HARD ROCK/AOR/PROG » CLIVE NOLAN /Symphonic Progressive/Dark Rock-Opera (United Kingdom/2013)
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