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Hammer World » Джаз, Блюз, Рок » Rock and Other » HENRY LEE SUMMER /AOR/Melodic Rock (United States/1988)
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Henry Lee Summer (born Henry Lee Swartz; July 5, 1955) is an American rock singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer from Brazil, Indiana, best known for his hit singles "I Wish I Had A Girl" and "Hey Baby".

Henry Lee Summer - Henry Lee Summer

Год: 1988
Стиль: AOR / Melodic Rock
Страна: US

01. I Wish I Had A Girl
02. Hands On The Radio
03. Darlin' Danielle Don't
04. I Know How You Feel
05. Just Another Day
06. Still Bein' Seventeen
07. Wing Tip Shoes
08. Lovin' Man
09. I'll Hurt For You
10. I Ain't Comin' Home

Henry Lee Summer Vocals
Jimmy Rip Guitar
Graham Maby Bass
Ed Roynesdal Keyboards, Organ, Violin
Anton Fig Drums
Tony Aiello Sax
Mike Organ Drums
Lisa Fisher Backing Vocals
Mimi Mapes Backing Vocals
Sandra St. Victor Backing Vocals
Norma Jean Wright Backing Vocals

Hammer World » Джаз, Блюз, Рок » Rock and Other » HENRY LEE SUMMER /AOR/Melodic Rock (United States/1988)
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