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Sons Of Angels - Slumber With The Lion 2001
10.05.2016, 06:26

Год: 2001
Страна: Norway 
Стиль: Hard Rock

01. Burning Childhood [0:05:14.50]
02. No Sorrow [0:05:03.03]
03. Fire [0:03:53.73]
04. Slumber With The Lion [0:05:27.56]
05. Hopeless Kind [0:04:14.50]
06. Lazy Stacy [0:04:40.26]
07. Love You Too Much [0:04:29.42]
08. Gimme Lovin' [0:04:36.53]
09. Talk About Girls [0:04:42.66]
10. Stranded [0:04:23.49]
11. Hunger For Love [0:04:25.07]
12. Baby Wanna Ride [0:04:18.02] (European Bonus Track)

Solli (vocals)
Torstein (bass, backing vocals)
Lars K. (keyboards)
Staffan William-Olsson (guitar)
Geir Digernes (drums)

Produced by: Torstein and Lars K.
Mixed by: Torstein and Lars K.
Mastered by: Morten Lund

Sons of Angels was formed in 1988 when longtime songwriter-partners Torstein and Lars K. decided to start a band. They had already had several no. 1 hits in their native Norway. After the process of having auditions all over Scandinavia they discovered vocalist Solli. Soon after they line-up was completed with the Swedish guitar-wizard Staffan William-Olsson and Norwegian drummer Geir Digernes. The band recorded some smoking demos and went straight to L.A. with just one single name in their pocket. In just two weeks they had 3 major labels interested; MCA, Warner Bros. and Atlantic. The bands next move was to have those labels coming to Oslo to see the band live and they decided to go with Atlantic. As the band said; "We just had to have that logo on our album"!!! This was summer of 1989 and already in November the band found themselves recording their eponomously titeled debut-album in Cherokee Studios in L.A. Kevin Elson produced the album together with Torstein and Lars K. 1990 was a very exciting year for SOA. In February the band finished of the album in Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, San Francisco and in April they did a video in Paris for the first single, "Cowgirl". This is probably the song that most people relate to SOA, it did well in the charts and a lot of places on the east coast of America it was even a huge hit. The album and the single were released worldwide in May.

The album had great reviews on both side of the Atlantic, 4 out of 5 in Kerrang! And so on. A lot of the reviews stated that SOA together with Electric Boys where the prime representatives of Scandinavian funk-metal. In July the band started their first American tour. The absolute highlight of the tour was when they pulled 7000 people as headliners of an outdoor-festival in Louisville, Kentucky. At the time both "Cowgirl" and "Lonely Rose", the second single, was top 5 at the local radios. In the fall SOA also toured Scandinavia with Magnum and Germany with Steelheart. Even though "Cowgirl" did well the band wasn't satisfied with the enthusiasm at Atlantic. It seemed they had way to many bands at the time and SOA decided they wanted to get out, which they did, in April 1991. The next year the band was working close with SBK Records and were just about to enter the studio for doing their second album when suddenly SBK merged with EMI and Chrysalis to the new EMI Music Group. This was a major set-back for the band and even though Desmond Child got involved, stating; "You're one of the best bands I ever heard"!, he couldn't help the band getting a new deal. This was obviously right at the time when everyone, as Torstein rightly put's it; "jumped onto their shorts to become grunge".

SOA was unfortunately just to late in doing just that. The band officially split in August 1992. The rest of the nineties went on with Torstein getting heavy into the movie-business, directing a couple of award-winning shortmovies, Lars K. got heavy into the internet, starting amongst others Freetrax, Staffan William-Olsson got heavy into jazz releasing a whole lot of albums which brought him a Norwegian Grammy. Solli, the lead-singer, was determind to stay on the hardrock-scene and did albums with both Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden, Psycho Motel, and Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy, 21 Guns. When you enter a new decade it's often time to look back and think about what you achieved the last ten years, so also with the members of Sons of Angels. In the year of 2000 it seemed like all the members suddenly had the same thought: "We didn't finish off SOA in the right way ……. Needless to say, the band got back together and here's the result; "Slumber With the Lion" A new deal with Europes major player in Hard Rock the English based label Z Records Slumber with the lion is a triamphant return to form.

All Hard rock and Metal

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