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Лучшие фотографии 2014 года по версии журнала TIME
Известное издание «TIME» отобрало 100 лучших фотографий уходящего 2014 года.
Представлены 35 фото, 
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 Автор - JEFF ROBERSON—AP. Protesters march in the street as lightning flashes in the distance in Ferguson, Mo, Aug. 20, 2014.

 Автор - OLIVER WEIKEN—EPA.The collapsed minaret of mosque seen from the destroyed living room of a Palestinian family in a building across the street in Gaza City, Gaza Strip, July 30, 2014.

 Автор - DARRIN ZAMMIT LUPI—REUTERS. Fireworks streak past in front of the supermoon outside the town of Mosta, celebrating the feast of its patron saint, in central Malta, Aug. 10, 2014.

 Автор - JOHN MOORE—GETTY IMAGES. Umu Fambulle stands over her husband Ibrahim after he staggered and fell knocking him unconscious, in an Ebola ward in Monrovia, Liberia., Aug. 15, 2014.

Автор - MAXIM DONDYUK. A protester sets fire to a Molotov cocktail during clashes with police in central Kiev, Ukraine, Jan. 20, 2014.

Автор - ISSOUF SANOGO—AFP/GETTY IMAGES. Members of the Central African Armed Forces lynch a man suspected of being a former Seleka rebel in Bangui, Feb. 5, 2014.

Автор - KASPER PALSNOV—SCANPIX DENMARK/REUTERS. People look at the carcass of the giraffe Marius after it was killed in Copenhagen Zoo, Feb. 9, 2014.

Автор - STUART PALLEY. The El Portal Fire burns on a hillside in the Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park, July 27, 2014.

Автор - MERIDITH KOHUT—THE NEW YORK TIMES/REDUX. Carmen Gonzalez cries over the body of her son, Jimmy Vargas Gonzalez, who was killed in clashes with national police in San Cristobal, Venezuela, Feb. 24, 2014.

Автор - BULENT KILIC—AFP/GETTY IMAGES. Protesters burn as they stand behind barricades during clashes with police on February 20, 2014 in Kiev.

Автор - ELLEN DEGENERES—REUTERS. Эллен Дедженерес: «Все началось с шутки над Мэрил Стрип, потому что я обожаю ее и у нее отличное чувство юмора. План был такой: я спускаюсь в зал к Мэрил и говорю ей: «Давай сделаем селфи». И все для того, чтобы установить рекорд по числу ретвитов. Я знала, что она согласится, и что рядом будут и другие звезды, которые присоединятся, если я их попрошу [кстати, никто не знал о моей задумке. Это было неожиданностью для всех]. Знаменитостей должно было стать так много, что мне пришлось бы просить Мэрил нас сфотографировать. Если вы просмотрите запись снова, то сможете услышать, как я пытаюсь уговорить Мэрил выйти. Но Брэдли Купер настаивал на том, что справится — что он и сделал. План сработал. Знаменитостей было больше, чем я могла себе представить. Джаред Лето прибежал из другого конца зала. Брэд и Анджелина пришли из другого сектора. Там сзади где-то и Лайза Минелли. И, конечно же, справа и по центру вы можете видеть брата Люпиты Нионго. ...

Автор - TOMAS BRAVO—REUTERS. The national guard disperses water cannons on anti-government protesters during a protest at Altamira square in Caracas, March 14, 2014.

Автор - WILLIAM DANIELS—PANOS. Relatives mourn the death of two men and one woman, murdered by Seleka fighters, April 14, 2014.

Автор - TED S. WARREN—AP. An aerial view of a mudslide that killed 43 people near Arlington, Wash. March 24, 2014.


Автор - JEROME SESSINI-MAGNUM. Around 12 armed men identified as members of the Ukrainian national guard opened fire on the voters outside the town hall in Krasnoarmeisk, Ukraine, May 11, 2014.

Автор - BULENT KILIC—AFP/ GETTY IMAGES. A man kisses his son, rescued from a mine in Manis, Turkey, May 13, 2014.

Автор - Andres Kudacki—AP. Spanish bullfighter Jimenez Fortes, top second left, kills a Los Chospes ranch fighting bull after being tossed by the bull during a bullfight at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, Spain, May 20, 2014.

Автор - Nand Kishor Patak—AP. Indian villagers gather around the bodies of two teenage sisters hanging from a tree in Katra village in Uttar Pradesh state, India.The teenage sisters in rural India were raped and killed by attackers who hung their bodies from a mango tree, May 28, 2014.


Автор - Tomas Munita—The New York Times/Redux. Italian navy rescues asylum seekers traveling by boat off the coast of Africa. More than 2,000 migrants in 25 boats arrived in Italy, June 12, 2014.

Автор - James Nachtwey for TIME. In Burma, more than 140,000 minority Rohingya Muslims have been forced to live in camps, where disease and despair have taken root. Here, Abdul Kadir, 65, who has a severe stomach ailment and malnutrition, is cared for by his wife in one of the camps, June 9, 2014.

 Автор - REUTERS. Members of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces take their positions during clashes with the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the city of Ramadi, June 19, 2014.

Автор - Feisal Omar—Reuters. Three men found guilty by a Somali military court of killing civilians and masterminding a recent attack on the Presidential Palace stand tied to poles shortly before they were executed by a firing squad in capital Mogadishu, Aug. 3, 2014.

Автор - Kyodo—Landov. Ontake in Tokyo, Japan are covered in volcano ash, Sept. 28, 2014.

Автор - MARKO DJURICA—REUTERS. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic attend a military parade to mark 70 years since the city's liberation by the Red Army in Belgrade, Oct. 16, 2014.

Автор - Peter van Agtmael—Magnum. Schoolchildren head to class at the Sobhi Abu Karsh School in the Shujai'iya neighborhood of Gaza, Oct. 20, 2014.

Автор - Lindsay DeDario—REUTERS. A snow-covered field is seen near Buffalo, New York, Nov. 21, 2014.

Автор - PHILIP MONTGOMERY. House boats appear next to the shoreline of Bidwell Canyon on Lake Oroville in Northern California on November 25, 2014. Lake Oroville is California's second largest reservoir, and is currently 70% empty as a result of the state's severe drought.

Автор - UNITED NATIONS RELIEF AND WORKS—REUTERS. A handout photo of Palestinian refugees waiting for food aid in the Yarmouk camp on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria, Jan. 31, 2014.

Автор - Tyler Hicks—The New York Times/Redux. A man carries a child as another lies dead after two explosions on a beach in Gaza, July 16, 2014.

Автор - Nikita Dudnik—AP. People run to shelter from hailstorm on the beach at Ob River, Novosibirsk, Russia, July 12, 2014.

Автор - Jerome SESSINI—Magnum. The body of a passenger from Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine, July 17, 2014.

Автор - Moises Saman—Magnum for TIME. Survivors of a helicopter crash, including Yazidi refugees and Kurdish and Iraqi Army personnel, onboard a rescue helicopter that transported them from the crash site back to Kurdish-controlled Dohuk Province in the Sinjar Mountains, Iraq, Aug. 12, 2014.

Автор - Lynsey Addario—Getty Images Reportage. Rahaf Yousef, 13, a Syrian refugee from Daraa, poses for a portrait in her family's trailer as she is surrounded by female relatives on the day of her engagement party at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, Aug. 29, 2014.
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