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...Страна:United States Стиль:Heavy Metal, Shred, Progressive Metal Tracklist 01. Return to Metalopolis 02. Wake Up Dead (Megadeth cover) 03. Khazad Dum 04.

...Год:2004 Страна:Germany Стиль:Progressive Rock /Metal Tracklist: 01. The Inhabitants Of His Diary 02. You Broke The Sun 03. Silence 04....musical project, formed by the progressive metal band Vanden Plas' lead singer Andy Kuntz. The origin of the name is in the ancient Egyptian city Abydos;...

...professionally played aggressive,yet melodic,progressive metal and they have been has been compared to bands such as DREAM THEATER, NEVERMORE and PAIN OF SALVATION....Of Deceit Год: 2008 Стиль: Progressive Metal Страна: Finland Tracklist 01. Mindstorm [0:07:36.58] 02. Immortalized [0:06:16.27] 03. Enigma [0:05:49.54] 04.

...would not consider this a progressive metal recording, as the second album would display. Charlie Dominici's only contribution to the performance of the second and ...Year:2007 Style:Acoustic Rock Progressive Metal Country:USA Tracklist 1.The Monster 2.Nowhere to Hide 3.Captured 4.Greed, the Evil Seed 5.

Discography VKontakte Mind Structure When Life And Death Destroy Год:2013 Страна:Ukraine Стиль:Progressive Modern Metal Tracklist 01. Intro 02. The Time Has Come 03. The Other Way 04....and there's elements of Progressive Metal, of Technical Death Metal, and even some Thrashy riffing...making the album an overall enjoyable one in its variety.

...concerts – for example with black metal AGATHODAIMON (Ger) or progressive death black NEGLECTED FIELDS (Lat) and preparing e new material named Symmetry....Год:2005 Страна: Словакия Стиль:Progressive Metal/Athmospheric Dark /Instrumental Rock Tracklist 1. Of These Centuries 06:41 2. When Men Cry 06:48 3.

You can even add doom metal to this list, because some parts reminded me of Candlemass. With The Shadow Theory, Devon Graves has founded a ...Shadow Theory Behind the Black Veil Year:2010 Style:Progressive Metal Country:USA Tracklist: 01.

Discography Galactic Cowboys are an American heavy metal band based in Houston, Texas. They combined progressive metal with a vocal style influenced by The Beatles and the heavy ...

Characters is modern progressive metal with a highly original unique sound performed by a stunning assembly of many of the finest musicians on the ...extreme music a new experimental metal project is born. Guest guitarists include Chris Godin (Gno), James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament) and Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged, Lemur ...

...Год: 2005 Страна: Netherlands Стиль: Progressive Metal Tracklist^ 01. Sharply Condemned 02. Hope And Fear 03. Eternal Life 04. Path Of Daggers 05....a very fertile country for progressive bands. So far the album has received a shower of raving critics and enthusiasm. And all this is very just, ...

Discography Mandroid Echostar is a six piece heavy metal band from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The band's sound has been described as a combination of melodic technical guitars, progressive metal, and heavy metal.

...s music genre is considered progressive metal, but it contains a mixture of rock, metal, world music and Middle Eastern touches....For Life Year:2008 Style:Progressive Metal Country:Israel Tracklist: 01. Sorrow 02. Slaves for Life 03. Birth of Deliverance 04. Midian 05. Zipporah 06.

...Summit is an American instrumental progressive metal band based out of Houston, Texas. It formed in 2004 and signed to Prosthetic Records....Desert Canyons Year:2009 Style:Progressive Metal Instrumental Country:USA Tracklist: 01. Bloom 02. Sargasso Sea 03. The Great Plains 04. Dunes 05.

...in Australia by Melbourne label Metal Warriors. The re issue featured a bonus track, Inner Peace, which featured new Guitarist Chris Porcianko, who replaced Andrew Whitehead. ...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanishing Point (band) Vanishing Point Tangled In Dream Год: 2000 Страна: Australia Стиль: Melodic/Progressive Metal Tracklist: 1.Surreal 2.

Discography Loch Vostok is a progressive metal band from Uppsala, Sweden. Named after a subterranean lake in Antarctica, it rose out of the collapse of progressive ...Again Year:2006 Style:Extreme Progressive Metal Country:Sweden Tracklist: 01. Humanitix 02. Rebound 03. Jonestown Slumber Party 04. Xerox Nation 05. Autumn Lord 06.

Discography Sieges Even was a progressive metal band from Munich, Germany. The band was originally formed under the name Sodom (not to be confused with fellow ... Sieges Even played the progressive metal genre, but had used different musical styles over the years. SIEGES EVEN Life Cycle YEAR: 1988 STYLE: Progressive / Technical ...

Discography Tesseract (often stylized as TesseracT) are a British progressive metal band from Milton Keynes, England. The band, formed in 2003, consists of Daniel Tompkins (lead vocals), Alec "Acle" Kahney (...pioneer the djent movement in progressive metal.[citation needed] As of 2015, Tesseract have released three studio albums: One, Altered State, and Polaris, as well as ...

Discography SECTION A The Seventh Sign Год: 2003 Стиль: Progressive metal Страна: Denmark Tracklist: 1. The Second Sign (8:52) 2. Riot (6:15) 3.... Всем любителям progressive, power metal эта работа может понравиться. Цитата Этот проект очередного гитариста виртуоза из Дании можно было бы смело выбрасывать в ...

Discography Age of Silence is a Norwegian avant garde progressive metal band formed in 2004 by Andy Winter of Winds. more Цитата Age of Silence была создана в 2004 году ...в коллективе Winds (neo classical/progressive metal). Следующим в группу был призван небезызвестный вокалист, барабанщик и клавишник разных проектов из Норвегии Lazare.

Discography Tragodia Mythmaker Год:2013 Страна:Italy Стиль:Progressive/Gothic Metal Epic Metal, Progressive Metal, Groove Metal Tracklist 1. A Cry Among the Stars 04:40 2.

Discography Favna Abisal Rerum Imaginaria Год:2012 Страна:Chile Стиль:Progressive Metal/Avant garde Tracklist 1. El Juicio de Aronnax 2. El Observador 3. Energía Demencial (Parte I) 4.

Discography Fates Warning, безусловно, является одной из самых значимых групп, играющих в жанре Progressive Metal. Конечно, круг почитателей этой команды ощутимо уже, нежели у тех же вездесущих Dream Theater, но, тем не менее, это ...охарактеризовать эту музыку как Post Progressive Metal. Это и атмосферный, наэлектризованный "Disсonnected", буквально давящий на слушателя своей печалью. И последний пока релиз "FWX" (десятый по счету, ...

...Simple Chaos Year:2010 Style:Progressive Metal Country:Australia Tracklist: 01. Unidentified 02. Frame Of Mind 03. Rearranged 04. The Grand Illusion 05. Simple Chaos 06.

...the Eyes Year:2000 Style:Progressive Metal Country:Brazil Tracklist: 01. Intro 02. In the Name of God 03. The Snow of the Sunset 04.

...Год :2010 Страна :Finland Стиль :Progressive Metal Tracklist : 1. Lambda 475 01:42 2. The Burning Sun 18:41 3. Lambda 610 03:05 4.

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