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Psychedelic/Space/Progressive Rock from UK


Psychedelic/Space/Progressive Rock from UK


Psychedelic/Space/Progressive Rock from UK




Progressive Rock from UK


Progressive Rock from UK

Progressive Rock from UK<...

Progressive Metal/Rock from Israel

Progressive Metal from Italy 


Progressive Metal from Italy

Doom Metal / Sludge Metal from...

Neo-Progressive Rock from Luxembourg

Progressive Heavy Metal from United States

..смесь металла, джаза, фламенко,
французского шансона, а также различных оркестровых и электронных аранжировок..



...would not consider this a progressive metal recording, as the second album would display. Charlie Dominici's only contribution to the performance of the second and ...Year:2007 Style:Acoustic Rock Progressive Metal Country:USA Tracklist 1.The Monster 2.Nowhere to Hide 3.Captured 4.Greed, the Evil Seed 5.

AtmOsfear Inside The Atmosphere Year:2003 Tracklist: 01. Inside the Atmosphere 02. Circumcision 03. A Cry of Dismay 04.... Thinking Progressive 08. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover) 09. Zephaniah 10. There is Love at the End Burkhart Heberle Bass Boris Stephanow ...

Польский проект Widek появился на свет в 2010 году. Его единственным участником является музыкант, использующий название проекта ...ознакомиться ещё: PIOTREK GRUSZKA (grumusic) /Progressive/Instrumental

Другие темы: Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One /Space Metal (Netherlands/2002+1996(A.L....1998 THE GENTLE STORM /Symphonic/Progressive Metal/Folk Rock

DREAM THEATER /Progressive Metal Сборище музыкантов от Бога!

JAMES LABRIE /Progressive Metal/Melodic Heavy/Groove Metal

Discography Renaissance are an English progressive rock band, best known for their 1978 UK top 10 hit "Northern Lights" and progressive rock classics like "Carpet of ...

Discography Echosilence Distorted Horizon Year:2005 (ep) Style:Progressive Metal Country:Estonia Tracklist: 01. Views on Views 02. Distorted Horizon 03. Information Intoxication 04....and complex to jazz influenced progressive metal. On the 26th of December 1996 the debut concert of the band took place in Rakvere, Estonia.

Discography Edvian 2012 Год:2012 Страна:Russia Стиль:Progressive Metal Tracklist 1.Progress of Death 2.2012 3.This is War 4.Cradle of Life 5.Time 6....свет дебютный полноформатный альбом российской Progressive Metal группы EDVIAN "2012". вконтакте Debut full length album by Russian Progressive Metal band. 2012 – the year of the apocalypse ...

Discography IN THE NAME is a progressive metal band formed in early ?90?s in Canada. They released only one album in 1995 selftitled, released at Rising ... They are a good progressive metal band that for some reasons never made it in this scene and remains unknown to wider public to the ...

Discography The Safety Fire was a British progressive metal band formed in London in 2006. The Safety Fire first made a name for themselves in the UK scene ...To Remain, as well as progressive metal bands Periphery and Monuments throughout Europe. The Safety Fire also appeared at Sonisphere Festival UK in 2011 alongside Metallica, ...

Discography Unexpected Allies The Author & The Architect Год: 2012 Стиль: Progressive Metal Страна: US Tracklist 01.Oculus 02.Facade 03.Floored 04.Stone Ships 05.Fever Dream 06....Vocals UNEXPECTED ALLIES is a progressive metal outfit formed in 2008 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania by vocalist Fred BOND, guitarist Vinny VACCARO, bassist Nick PAOLETTI, keyboardist David ...

Discography Divine Ascension As The Truth Appears Год:2011 Страна:Australia Стиль:Progressive/Power Metal Tracklist 1.Answers 2.Visionary 3.In My Mind 4.Vision Divine 5.Guided by Osiris 6....highly to the norms of progressive/power metal with an abundant supply of keyboards and female vocals, there remains a clear essence of a pristine elegancy ...

...Age are influenced by pop/progressive bands such as Yes, Kansas and Rush, but also by more modern progressive metal bands like Queensrÿche, and Dream Theater.

...Angels Unite [6:09] Норвежские progressive металисты PAGAN’S MIND 23 мая выпустили свой шестой альбом «Heavenly Ecstasy» на лейбле SPV/Steamhammer....of Norway's most famous progressive power metal acts, has been slowly shedding away their progressive past in favor of a more straightforward melodic power metal ...

...S HORSE is an emerging progressive alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia. With a modern and individual approach to music that channels the raw honesty of ...rock and the skill of progressive metal into a voice at once energetic, grand and forthright, CALIGULA’S HORSE offers devotees of all strains of powerful ...

...professionally played aggressive,yet melodic,progressive metal and they have been has been compared to bands such as DREAM THEATER, NEVERMORE and PAIN OF SALVATION. Highly recommended to all progressive metal fans.

Discography Steamforged is a progressive metal project that was founded by keyboardist and programmer Tyler in 2010. Tyler has been playing keyboard for upwards of ...Endless Год: 2014 Стиль: Electronic Progressive Metal Страна: US Tracklist 01. Whispers Of Myth Godlike Epiphany 02:51 02. The Endless Infinity, Perpetuity 04:58 03.

Discography Amaseffer is an Israeli progressive metal band which was formed in 2004 in Tel Aviv, Israel by drummer and percussionist Erez Yohanan, and guitarist Yuval ...s music genre is considered progressive metal, but it contains a mixture of rock, metal, world music and Middle Eastern touches.

Discography TOUCHSTONE are a five piece UK Progressive Rock band formed by Rob COTTINGHAM and Adam HODGSON. The band has developed in many ways since the early days, ... Mixing the complexities of progressive rock, with soaring keyboards and power chords of melodic rock TOUCHSTONE form part of the growing UK scene of female ...

Discography progarchives Aeon Zen are a progressive rock/metal band formed in 2008, led by the only permanent member, vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboard player and drummer Rich ... Aeon Zen проект в стиле progressive metal, сформированный в 2008 году Ричем Хинксом, единственным постоянным участником проекта. По мнению журнала Classic Rock, первый релиз группы, "A ...

Discography Loch Vostok is a progressive metal band from Uppsala, Sweden. Named after a subterranean lake in Antarctica, it rose out of the collapse of progressive metal band Mayadome in 2001.

Discography IQ are a British neo progressive rock band founded by Mike Holmes and Martin Orford in 1981 following the dissolution of their original band The Lens....Frequency Year:2009 Style:Neo Progressive Rock Country: UK Tracklist: 01. Frequency 02. Life Support 03. Stronger Than Friction 04. One Fatal Mistake 05.

Discography progarchives Цитата Starcastle is a progressive rock band from Champaign, Illinois. Formed in 1969, the group played many shows under the names Pegasus and Mad John ...Год: 1977 (2011) Стиль: Symphonic/Progressive Rock Страна: US Tracklist 1. Shine On Brightly 2. Shadows Of Song 3. Can't Think Twice 4.

Discography Sieges Even was a progressive metal band from Munich, Germany. The band was originally formed under the name Sodom (not to be confused with fellow ... Sieges Even played the progressive metal genre, but had used different musical styles over the years. SIEGES EVEN Life Cycle YEAR: 1988 STYLE: Progressive / Technical ...

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