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Maniac Metal (bonus track) Bonus video: 11. Priest of Lucifer 12. Ashes to Ashes 13. Nation of Evil 14.

Slauter Xstroyes Free The Beast Year: 1998 (Reissue 2009 + bonus video) Line Up: John Stewart vocals Paul Kratky guitar Ken Shembarger guitar (12) Brent Sullivan bass Dave Bonow drums (1 ...Pluribus Unum 04:39 12. Mass Confusion 05:33 BONUS VIDEO It Доступно только для пользователей ...

Metal Crusade 09. Golden Treasure 10. Eppur si muove Also includes a bonus video "Eyes of a Viper" Thomas Kleinander Bass ...

Atrocity Calling The Rain Feat.Yasmin Год:1995 (re 2008) Tracklist 01. Calling the Rain (video edit) 04:18 02.

...spoofing the style of heavy metal groups. The band first appeared on a 1979 ABC TV sketch comedy pilot ...The T.V. Show, starring Rob Reiner. The sketch, actually a mock promotional video for the song "Rock and ...

...Vaapen Year:2011 Style:Black Metal Country:Norway Tracklist: 01. Fra vadested til vaandesmed 02. Orkan 03. Nordbundet 04. ...ville ville Vestland 05. Myr 06. Helvetesmakt 07. Dei vil alltid klaga og kyta +Video "Nordbundet" Hoest Vocals, All Instruments ...

...Hate Year : 1993 Style : Thrash Metal Country : Germany Last known line up : Jörg Holzhauer Vocals, Guitars (Nuke O Rama, Abandon ...Michael Cichoki Guitars Klaus Bergermann Bass (Nuke O Rama) Andy Nahrstedt Drums Tracklist : 1. Home Video Target Range 05:14 2.

A video was made for "Over The Wall". Lossless Доступно только для пользователей Yadisk MP3/320 ...только для пользователей Mediafire TESTAMENT The New Order 1988 Год:1988 Страна:USA Стиль:Thrash Metal Tracklist^ 1.

Tales Of Dark Fragile Monuments Year:2006 Tracklist: 01. Via Descendens 02. Mephistorium 03. Of ...Fevers and Passion Arcane 04. Luciferian Elegy 05. Towering Grief Behemoth 06. Serpent Wisdom +Bonus Video Arpad Takacs Vocals Darko Stojanović ...

...of 1984 /Full length 1981 Metal Priestess /EP 1981 Coup d'État /Full length 1982 The Damned / Stop /Single 1982 Stand by Your Man /Split 1982 ...of Revolutionary Rock 'n' Roll) /Video 2006 Ray Callahan Drums Wendy O. Williams (R.I.P. 1998) Vocals (1978 1998) Wes Beech Guitars (1979 ?

Test Your Metal (03:13) 06. Crypt (05:21) 07. No More Heroes (06:53) 08. Dreamcrusher (09:...09. Going Down Fighting (05:28) 10. Time Stands Still (06:00) 11. Tonight We Ride (Video Edit) (05:23) Доступно только ...

Discography Crucified Mortals Converted by Decapitation Year:2004 (ep) Style:Thrash Metal Country:USA Tracklist: 01. Intro 02. The Reaper's Blade 03. Masked Murder 04. Converted By Decapitation 05. ...To Extermination 06. Soul Afire 07. Usurpation 08. The Reaper's Blade (Demo) 09. Soul Afire (Demo) +Bonus Video Слушайте Converted by Decapitation Crucified ...

...Divider Year:2004 Style : Death Metal Country:France Tracklist: 01. The Announcement 02. The Choice Of Path 03. Lambs Breeding Monsters 04. Circle 05. ...Through Wounds 06. Woodland Choin 07. Magnetic Storm 08. Sentences Open 09. Suffering Winds 10. A Stream +Bonus Video <a href="/go?http://solekahn.

Firewind Allegiance Year:2006 Tracklist: 01. Allegiance 02. Insanity 03. Falling to Pieces 04. Ready to Strike 05. Breaking the Silence 06. ...07. Till the End of Time 08. Dreamchaser 09. Before the Storm 10. The Essence 11. Where Do We Go From Here? Bonus Video Слушайте <a href='/go?

Firewind Forged by Fire Year:2005 Tracklist: 01. Kill to Live 02. Beware the Beast 03. Tyranny 04. The Forgotten Memory 05. Hateworld ...06. Escape From Tomorrow 07. Feast of the Savages 08. Burn in Hell 09. Perished in Flames 10. The Land of Eternity +Bonus Video Multimedia version has "Tyranny" video ...

Discography SpiRitual Pulse Год:2005 Страна:Germany Стиль:Folk/Gothic Metal Tracklist 01. This Battle Is Yours (05:40) 02. Symphony Of Life (07:40) 03. Nahash (05:51) 04. Pulse (08:35) 05. ...And Heal (04:38) 06. Nowhereness (02:36) + Multimedia section (videoclip, text material) Доступно только для пользователей Скачать для ознакомления Формат:FLAC image cue +video download Примечательный релиз, в создании ...

Grayceon Mothers Weavers Vulture Год: 2020 bandcamp Tracklist 1. Diablo Wind 2. The Lucky Ones 3....Доступно только для пользователей FLAC tracks web /bc Download Download [video][/video]

Imperium Dekadenz Dämmerung der Szenarien Год: 2007 Tracklist 1. Into Breathless Sleep 2. Der Dolch im Gewande 3....Whispers to the Wise 10. Waiting + Reich der fahlen Seelen (video) FLAC image+.

Human Fortress Raided Land Год:2013 Tracklist 1.Raided Land 2.Child of War 3.Wasted Years 4....Restless Souls 12.Under Siege 13.Guard the Blind Bonus Video Wasted Years Total Playing Time ...

Amorphis Circle 2013 Tracklist: 01. Shades of Gray 02. Mission 03. The Wanderer 04. Narrow Path 05....edition includes a DVD with "The Making of "Circle"", the video clip for "Nightbird's Song" ...

Ashes Of Ares Throne Of Iniquity Год: 2020 EP Tracklist 1. Throne of Iniquity 2....Доступно только для пользователей FLAC tracks web /bc Download Download [video][/video]

...VII Gates is a heavy metal band from Sweden, started in 1999 by Swedish guitarist and composer Jonas Arvidsson. The band got signed by Soundriot ...Gates In Hoc Signo Vinces Year:2008 Style:Heavy Power Metal Country:Sweden Tracklist: 01.

...time: 48:26 includes "Dunkelheit" video in multimedia section Слушайте <a href='/go?https://music.yandex.ru/album/677923' title="https://music.yandex....Eternal". Also there are few interesting ambient experiments, first black metal ambient track called "Gebrechichkeit" from "...

DISCOGRAPHY Ansur Warring Factions Год:2008 Страна:Norway Стиль:Progressive Extreme Metal Tracklist 01. The Tunguska Incident (08:45) 02. Sierra Day (05:53) 03. Phobos Anomaly (06:20) 04....Формат:FLAC image cue log covers download cloud Ansur's video for "Post Apocalyptic Wastelands" taken ...

...Sands Year:2007 Style:Heavy Metal Country:Germany Tracklist: 01. Family of Rock 02. Little Princess 03. Heaven is... 04. Someone Like You 05. L....Day In Heaven 16. Lonely Is The Hunter 17. Reprise Video Bonus: 18.

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